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12 PUBG Towns Each Offering A Unique Experience

A Unique Experience In All 12 Different PUBG Towns

What is the flight path? Where do I want to go? When will I jump? Will the circle be favourable?

These are all questions running through your head when starting another round in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds!

There are so many options and place to go, but in this post I give you my experiences on the PUBG Towns. The town of PUBG are the places where you will almost always encounter the player and hard won fights.

I quickly describe the surroundings and lay of land around each town, then give you a few tips based on what I experience through the many hours of gameplay.

Getting out of town is another big part of the game, especially in the mid to late rounds.

So I discuss a few ways or routes you can keep in mind when you need to move.

This guide is purely based on my own experience and there are no right or wrong answer due to the flexibility of each and every round. Every PUBG Town has a different feel, playstyle and experience to offer.

Enjoy the post and please share if you like it.

PUBG Towns map - nochgames

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– Georgopol –

Georgopol is the largest town on the PUBG map on the Northwest side and are a very popular area to land with a lot of good loot. The area in the the town are relatively flat, but have a few hills to the North and the large mountain to the South.

There are 3 main areas of the town – the North Side with large apartment buildings, South Side with smaller double story buildings and Port Side with all it’s containers and warehouses.

Each part is basically a small town on it’s own, so expect different experiences when you play in each area.

PUBG Towns Georgopol - nochgames

I’d say the most popular spot in town to land are at the containers, with many loot and a good view of your surroundings.

If more than a few players choose to land there, be prepared for a fight and most likely an ambush. It’s easy to wait in a container and take someone out when they have no idea that you’re there. You should also be aware of players coming from the Hospital, especially in mid-round when people starts to move more.

Georgopol is a very fun place to play at, but also very dangerous, mainly due it’s size and limited ways to get to other areas of the map.

You’ll also find that you are almost always out of the circle and have to move, so be careful when crossing the bridges to the east side. There are usually a lot of players moving through and also camping.

If the circle is really far there will most likely be a people moving through there from all 3 locations. If you have time, you can either move East and stay North of the river, move South between the Hospital and the Mountain or go straight over the large mountain (Georgopol Hills) to the Southeast.


– Yasnaya Polyana –

Yasnaya Polyana is situated towards the Northeast part of the map with mountains to the North and fields to the South. It is quite a large town so it’s easy to miss another player or team on the other side of town.

To the North, on the mountains, you’ll find the Stalbar ruins, Southeast the Mansion and a little further Southwest the School, apartments and Rozhok. Besides the town itself, the surrounding areas does not pose too much danger like for instance Rozhok or Pochinki which has dangers all around them.

PUBG Towns Yasnaya Polyana - nochgames

Loot will be more than enough for even a few teams, with large apartment buildings and many smaller ones as well. Yasnaya Polyana biggest danger is the town itself by not knowing exactly where your enemies are.

You can spot a player and before you blink they are gone. The best way to go through the town is to keep moving, but move slow to cover the most dangerous angles. If you play in squads, try to stay together in order to avoid getting ambushed and not unnecessarily lose a teammate.

Having one player on a higher location, say in an apartment building or a roof, can help spot other players while supporting his own while they move through the town. It’s alway good to have a spotter.

The circle will almost always be to the South West, so be careful when extracting from the town especially for the more open areas to the South. You will have to run through fields.

Sometimes if you’re luck you can grab a boat to the West and drive along the river. If the circle are more towards the North, which does happen, you need to get out of the town and to higher ground to avoid being ambushed as there will be many people/teams coming through there.

Yes you can fight them, but usually you lose more times than you win.


– Pochinki –

Pochinki is the most center town on the map, so expect a lot of action when landing there, most of the time. It’s immediately surrounded by fields and then hills almost in all directions. This makes this area dangerous against long range weapons.

You will also be able to get a good view of the landscape when sitting on one of the surrounding hills.

PUBG Towns Pochinki - nochgames

When you land in Pochinki and survive your enemies, loot and get out! You can get ambushed very easily in the mid-to-late game due to player moving through. If you don’t land there, try to avoid the town altogether, especially when you need to get to the other side. If you can, try to get up to roofs, that way it’s more difficult for enemies to know your location and you can easily see around you.

This will not always be a viable tactic so when you move through the town, try to move quietly if you know there are enemies. Another thing to keep in mind is that Pochinki get a lot of Red Zones, maybe because it’s so central with a lot of players in the area.

Probably the biggest advantage of Pochinki is it’s centrality, which makes travel distance shorter to any point of the map.

Just take note that being surrounded directly by fields and then hills in the distance, can make it quite dangerous if you need to extract.

Players with long range weapons can easily take you out from a distance. That’s why it’s best to loot quickly and move out of town before the middle of a round.

A great video by Vault Dude – BATTLEGROUNDS with 5 tips for landing in Pochinki.


– Rozhok –

Rozhok is not a very big town, but can be extremely dangerous at times. It’s is close to the school and apartments where you’ll even here the gunfights, the water town and ruins to the West.

The landscape around the town makes it relatively easy to get taken out from some angles. There is a hill area and a river to the North with a large hill to the South.

The town also have different levels which makes it difficult to spot people if you’re on a different height.

PUBG Towns Rozhok - nochgames

People usually lands here to avoid the school and apartments, but to stay close to the action and close to the center of the map. Most players that survives the surrounding areas will also come to town when they have looted their locations.

People from the school usually comes over the large hill to the south with the water tower. It gives you a great view of everything going on in Rozhok.

Also a great spot to take out multiple targets from the higher ground when you’re playing in squads.

Don’t stay too long in this town, because if someone sees you they will take you out from a distance. Great! So don’t stay too long in Rozhok, but where to go? It will ultimately depends on the circle. You can either go and fight people at the other loot locations like school, apartments or the water town.

The other option is to get out as fast as you can and drive to a new area on the map, trying to avoid too much combat. There will be a car or a bike in the garage most of the time. Good luck in Rozhok!

Look at this awesome example of the dangers at Rozhok – Moving Into Rozhok, by Fugglet


– Mylta –

Mylta is a mid sized town with a lot of potential danger looming from all sides even right at the start. It’s located at the South coast along a beach, small fields and a large mountainous area to the North which can get you spotted from far away.

The bridge to the military island lies just Southwest with other popular looting locations like the Farms to the West and Mylta power to the East. The positioning of the town is the biggest danger factor, because there goes a lot of people through.

PUBG Towns Mylta - nochgames

If you want to camp on or near the bridge to cut off players coming over the bridge, Mylta can be a great starting point.

The town has enough loot even for several teams, so beware that you might not always be alone in town. Mylta will ultimately come alive during the mid to late rounds, when players starting to move a lot more.

Be aware of new players entering or passing the town, usually people like to drive along the beach to avoid going straight through the town.

Moving out from Mylta can give you a time advantage, just because it’s in a flexible location. Close enough to the military island to go there early or by using a boat.

You can also move West along the coastal road to keep your options open. Ultimately, if the circle is favourable, pick a spot where you can take out people when they’re on the move and their concentration are low.

Players almost always loot those single building just before or after they have crossed the bridge. Happy camping in Mylta.


– Novorepnoye –

Novorepnoye is more of a small industrial town with the large port area right along the East coast of military island. This is also a very popular place to land, especially as an alternative to the military base.

Like the port area in Georgopol, it is quite large and you should take note of your surroundings if there lands more than a few players. It is very easy to surprise or get surprised by an enemy.

PUBG Towns Novorepnoye - nochgames

To survive Novorepnoye is basically to survive all the players that lands with you.

Due to it’s location on the map, players rarely come there to loot if they did not land there or going directly there in early round. So if you can take out everyone you can loot in relative safety, but you’ll never know if you’ve taken out all the players in the town.

So be careful and try to spot someone when they run through the more open areas in the port.

This location is far Southeast on the map so when you need to move, do so in the early game.

The circle does not always favour locations on the outskirts of the map and keep in mind that if you need to cross to the other side. The bridge are a very hostile area with campers almost always ready to take you out.

You can either move early across the bridge with a vehicle or try to cross the water with a boat. There will usually be at least one boat you can grab to cross the water.

An awesome video of playing in the Novorepnoye area, by Botlite


– Primorsk –

Primorsk is a great little town on the Southwest corner of the map with a range of opportunities. It’s surrounded by almost two-thirds of water and mostly out of the way of any danger.

PUBG Towns Primorsk - nochgames

The only only time you have to worry about players are when they land with you or drive there at the start of the round. It’s not your typical pass-through towns like Pochinki, Rozhok or Mylta.

The flight path of the plane and the circle will mostly be far away, which makes it a time crucial area to loot. You will get the odd circle now and then though.

For extraction, Primorsk is in my opinion one of the most flexible, where you are on the main island to avoid crossing a bridge. There are also always boats to cross to the military island if the circle is on that side.

There are two great roads to take out of town if you have to move fast, the one along the West coast, because there will not be a lot of players if they need to move more inland and the one along the South Coast going inland.

The roads are nice and big so you can take them flatout to better avoid getting killed from players along the road.


– Severny –

Severny is all the way North almost in the center between East and West. This town are mainly surrounded by open areas with the odd hill here and there, with almost no trees to hide behind close by.

This also makes it possible to see very far to and from the town.

PUBG Towns Severny - nochgames

The Gun Range is just to the Southeast from there and the Stalbar ruins on the mountain to the East which are also a good loot locations if the circle is favourable.

It’s not a big town with too many blind spots, so you will almost always know if there are someone with you in town. Use strategic positions like standing on the roofs of some buildings to get a better view of the town.

Spot your enemy and either pin them down or try to ambush them. Just be aware of the circle and when it’s time to move.

The biggest problem with Severny is when you have to move inland. You will either have to go through or past one of the three major danger areas.

These are Rozhok directly to the South, Yasnaya Polyana to the Southeast and Georgopol to the Southwest. Be especially careful when you cross the river, there are almost always people camping near the bridges.


– Lipovka –

Situated right at the West coast in nearly on the centerline between North and South. Lipovka has a hill to it’s East that can either provide cover or become a tactical disadvantage if the town is in the circle.

Just keep an eye out for newcomers to the town, from the hill someone might just surprise you.

PUBG Towns Lipovka - nochgames

It’s fairly close to Mylta power, Prison and the Mansion loot areas which usually has a lot of players. Depending on the circle, you will almost always have to find a way past one of these locations.

Luckily there will be spawn vehicles nearby.

You can get looted quite well in Lipovka, so going to another loot location doesn’t have to be necessary as the surrounding areas can be dangerous.

When you have to move inland, the best way is the road that go East past the Prison, but have an open field to the North (right side) and a Mountain to the South (Left side). When the circle are in your favour, you can keep looting to the North along the East coast.


– Zharki –

Another very small little town at the edge of the map, towards the Northeast corner. Zharki is well protected and don’t have to much open areas to get spotted very easily.

The only players you’ll encounter here will most likely be those that also land there, so finish them off and you’re ready to move on to the mid-round.

PUBG Towns Zharki - nochgames

One thing to look out for is that when you land there, alone or with a squad, a few buildings are on higher ground. That makes it easier to get spotted down below and be taken out without too much trouble.

Moving from Zharki are very similar to that of Severny, where you have to cross through the danger zones of Georgopol and the river crossings.

The only difference is that extracting by using a boat will be much easier from Zharki than Severny, if the circle are against you.



– Kameshki –

The latest town on the map, also the second smallest, are in the top Northeast corner of the map. It’s the closest town to the spawn area, where you can also go and loot, but make sure you’re quick.

The small town is totally out of sight, because of the large mountain area to the South and West.

PUBG Towns Kameshki - nochgames

When Kameshki were first introduced into Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds it were a very popular landing zone. Now You will most likely get only a small amount of people, solo and squad. Tred lightly when you move through the town, it’s also not a flat town, so getting shot from above or below is a possibility.

Like all the coastal towns, you can either extract by boat, travel by foot or if the circle is very far, by vehicle. Moving inland you will encounter Stalbar to the Southwest on the mountain and will be looking down to Yasnaya Polyana from there.

A much safer route, if you have the time, is to move along the coast either West to Severny or South to Lipovka.


– Gatka –

Gatka is the smallest official town on the island situated in open farm fields, with only about 6 lootable buildings. It’s just South from Georgopol over the mountain and West from Pochinki with a few interesting landscape in it’s surrounds.

Just beyond the fields on the Southwest and South side there small hills with loot locations like the farms (South), the Gatka Tower (West), the swamp town (West) and the Gatka trenches (Southeast).

PUBG Towns Gatka - nochgames

There almost always land someone, because why would anyone land there, so let’s land there. Whether you’re playing solo or squads, you have to be quick. Like I said, only about 6 lootable buildings.

The advantage Gatka has is the vast open fields and smaller loot locations around it. You’ll see a vehicle coming to you when the cross over any mountain range, so this gives you a chance to prepare for a fight. Also, the open fields sound scary, but running through bushes and using small crests to hide behind will be very advantages.

Especially in the final stages of the round where the view distance makes it harder to be spotted.

If you need to leave the Gatka area due to the circle, the extraction possibilities are basically endless. Due to the open fields you can quickly get to strategic points on the map, if you can find a vehicle, try looking on the road to the North.

The times I played around Gatka was surprisingly fun, because you’re moving around a lot and don’t get so easily ambushed in a larger town.



I’ve taken you through all the PUBG towns on the island of Erangel giving you a taste of what you might expect when you choose to land in one of them. Like I said, there are no right or wrong ways to play the towns, so for everyone it will be a unique experience.

So next time you jump into Georgopol or Pochinki, think back to what you read and try to beat your opponents and take that Chicken Dinner!

What are your favourite PUBG Town? Tell me in the comments.


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