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PUBG Sanhok Map: An In-depth Guide

pubg sanhok map loot locations - nochgames

The PUBG Sanhok map is the latest in the game and is it the one we have been waiting for?

Where is the best places to land, to loot and what is the Sanhok map all about?

I will give you a detailed overview about the map and it’s characteristics and highlight all the possible Sanhok looting locations.

Sanhok is a very interesting map with a lot of possibilities to make Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds even better.

PUBG Sanhok Map


The PUBG Sanhok map is live and is shaping up to be an awesome one. It is a tropical/jungle setting with a Southeast Asian theme with off-the-ground huts, lush green vegetation and rainy weather.

Yes, the map has dynamic weather where you see sunshine and suddenly it starts pouring rain. This is a very interesting feature which you can surely use to mask shots and being silent when stalking your enemies.

pubg sanhok map loot locations - nochgames


The map is very small, a 4×4 km island with only 47.8% land, which was the main goal after the massive Miramar map. Keep the map small to force players closer to have a much faster gameplay.

The great thing about the small size is that you can go to every point on the map, regardless of the flight path.

Unlike the previous two PUBG maps where you can find a lot of dead areas during any round, in Sanhok you can be sure that there are people close by or waiting around buildings.

The small map also puts the focus on making rounds shorter and much more fast paced, almost like Counter-Strike, but obviously in its own unique way.

pubg sanhok map loot locations - nochgames


Looting on Sanhok is also pretty straightforward and you’ll almost never struggle to find weapons, armour, medical equipment and ammunition.

Items are really not in short demand spawning all across the map, even in small buildings. You need to get looted up quickly and deal with enemy players in your immediate surroundings.

If you want to avoid the dangers of the main loot locations, you can always land at a smaller compound and still be well equipped when you need to start moving.


The loot locations you’ll see are made up of different buildings styles and sizes.

The main locations are camps (made up of larger buildings and warehouses), landmarks, farms or small industrial areas. The smaller buildings that makes up the rest of the map are those wooden buildings with grass roofs.

There are also vehicles on Sanhok, but ultimately you will almost never use them, only if you need to or want to attract attention.

You can reach the middle of the map quite easily by just running, which is safer if you want to stay out of sight.

pubg sanhok map loot locations - nochgames

Gameplay Speed

You will also notice that after about 7-10 minutes there are not a lot of people left, which will be around 50 players.

The first moments in any PUBG round are crucial, even more so on Sanhok than Erangel and Miramar due the fact that you will have to fight from the start. The larger loot locations, which are not very big, almost always feels like landing at school, Pochinki or Pecado.

After the first phase the playing field are a little bit more levelled out and you will have a little bit of room to work with, that is if you have made it this far.

From here on it’s back to basics, use the outer circle or find a spot in the middle and defend, because the mid-round is basically non existent.

Round Length

With this PUBG map only being 4×4 km, the circle times are a lot shorter and you will be moving before you know it.

Although the time between the blue zones are shorter, the movement is also slower than on the larger maps. You’ll find that most of the time you can out run the circle, so take this into account to time your run good enough to stay out of trouble when you need to.

This is not always the case, but I have experienced it a few times even when you are on the furthest end of the circle.

The Making of the Sanhok Map

Video by, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds


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Sanhok Loot Locations

The Camps – Boot Camp, Camp Alpha, Bravo and Charlie

Boot Camp is definitely the main landing spot and the most contested spot with a lot of players at the start. It sits right in the middle of the small PUBG map and will almost always be within the starting circle.

Like the name suggests, it’s basically a training facility with a lot of medium sized concrete buildings to loot. You will also find warehouses in the camp with good items to easily get in and out of right at the start.

Boot Camp will be quite the challenge, so be ready to have a proper gun fight.

The other camps around Sanhok are basically a smaller version of the Boot Camp, but located across the map. They are all on the outer edges of the islands, so it is great to go when you don’t want to land in the danger zones.

Camp Alpha is on the smaller island in the Northwest quarter. It’s also surrounded by large hills you can use as cover or to intercept players moving out of the camp.

It is a relatively quiet loot location compared to other areas and you’ll be able to loot up in relative peace.

Camp Charlie is on the Southern edge of the map close to the coast, but not directly on the coast.

It’s a very popular looting spot for squads that want to start away from the middle areas of the map. Camp Charlie is a much more dangerous loot location compared to Camp Alpha with popular loot locations like the Cave and Quarry nearby.

When you’ll need to move, you must choose to cross the bridge and go past the Cave area or move up along the river which will lead you to Pai Nan, the town on the river.

So the best way would be to swim across the river just north of the bridge to avoid the most players around.

Camp Bravo is within the Northeastern quarter with no immediate locations in the surrounding areas.

If you land there, you might have some company, but it’s not a very dangerous location.

It’s a good looting spot and you can easily move towards the middle of Sanhok without encountering dangerous locations. Camp Barvo, compared to the other camps, has the least amount of obstacles which gives you more flexibility.

That is, if you can survive the first few minutes when others landed there as well.

pubg sanhok map loot locations - nochgames

Paradise Resort

Paradise Resort, makes me thing of an abandoned Jurassic Park hotel, is located just a bit Northeast from the Boot Camp up on a hill.

It’s buildings look different than the rest of the map, it’s a resort with a few rooms, gardens, and more interesting places where you can fight through your enemies.

The Paradise Resort is definitely one of the most dangerous landing and PUBG looting spots.

Players love to jump there, because of the loot, location on the map and number of areas within the resort to play through.

pubg sanhok map loot locations - nochgames


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Quarry, Cave and Bhan

The Quarry is a large open pit mine with a lot of ups and downs which you can use as cover when needed. It is a great place to ambush players at long range, because the will be exposed to the open areas within the quarry.

Not a super popular place to land, but very likely to find people moving through to get more to the center.

The Cave is a massive hole in the ground with a cave system beneath that you can loot, sometimes with a lot of company from other players.

The important thing to note is that you can use a boat to leave through the South entrance without having to run, if you need to get out of there fast.

The Cave is a popular landing spot, because players want to see this unique location that looks like a volcano from above.

Bhan is an interesting location, very small with decent loot. Not very contested so you can loot easily. It’s a very small structure built out of wood terraces with decorations that looks like someone is having a party.

pubg sanhok map loot locations - nochgames

Ruins and Pai Nan

The Ruins sits between a few large hills to the East of the map on the second largest island, just South of the bridge crossing to the smallest island.

There are a lot of loot and attracts many players, because it’s not directly in the middle but still give a lot of flexibility to easily move towards the middle.

It is made up of a large stone structure that looks like something the Aztecs would build with a few stacked rock pillars. It has a lot of rooms linked by corridors and alleyways so it can fun to play hide and seek to mislead players around you.

The Ruins are not as dangerous as Boot Camp or Paradise Resort, but you will still have to fight most of the times to get out alive.

Pai Nan is the medium sized town that sits on both sides of the river running North to South through the map, splitting the largest and second largest islands.

It’s just South from Boot Camp, so the town is very central with many options and flexibility for movement. You can either use a boat, car or go by foot from this Pai Nan as that are available within the surround area.

It is a great area to try and ambush players moving close by, crossing either the bridge, driving through with a boat or swimming the across the river.

pubg sanhok map loot locations - nochgames


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Docks, Kampong and Lakawi

The Docks are in the Southeast corner of the map, almost totally out of the way which makes it a good place to get your gear by avoiding the more dangerous parts.

The closest major locations that could be dangerous are the Cave, Quarry and Kampong all sitting to the North or Northwest

The best way to avoid all of them when moving out is to take a boat and pick a spot on the map where you can start defending your position.

Kampong is a medium sized town, on the East coast of Sanhok, known for it’s rise farms. The location is safe and offers flexible strategies for moving to other locations.

You can also use a boat to extract.

Lakawi is a salt farm just a bit North from Kampong, also on the coast and is the closest loot location to Camp Bravo.

Looking inland, you’ll find a steep hill surrounding Lakawi which can be dangerous if someone is waiting up there.

Something I experienced several times when I looted there, was that other players or teams will land just over the hill and try to pin me down by cutting of the route over the hill.

So for a safe place it can get dangerous quickly if you’re caught off guard.

pubg sanhok map loot locations - nochgames


Mongnai, Tat Mok, Khao and Ha Tinh

Mongnai is a coconut farm with trees nicely lined up to form the plantations. There are not a lot of buildings, but you will definitely find enough loot if you play solo.

It’s also in the far Northeast corner, so safely out of the way of immediate dangers.

Tat Mok is a large logging facility with stacks of trees laying around which makes for great cover.

There are mainly 2 large warehouses to loot, which are not a lot, but after that you can move North to Khao.

Khao is a medium sized coastal town with buildings closely compacted to each other. It is a great place to loot after you’ve cleared out Tat Mok or the other way around. It is quite central so moving to the middle of the map will be easy.

Just watch out for players around Paradise resort and Boot Camp.

Ha Tinh sits on the North of the smallest island just across the bridge from the main island. It is a manufacturing facility with a few warehouses and smaller buildings to loot.

You can either cross the bridge or take a boat to get to a more central part of the map if you want a bit more action.

pubg sanhok map loot locations - nochgames


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Tambang, Na Kham, Sahmee and Ban Tai

Tambang, like Lakawi is another salt farm, just right on the other side of the map on the Western area of the second largest island.

The key of this location is that it’s the closest loot location to the Ruins, which sits on the hill just Northeast from there.

You can loot easily and then move to more dangerous spots like the Ruins or the River Town, Pai Nan.

Na Kham is a similar logging camp location like Tat Mok, just a smaller version. It sits right in the middle between Tambang and Sahmee (the commercial town).

The area is an easy and safe place to get the weapons and items you need to prepare for later encounters.

Sahmee is one of the larger towns and is situated near the South coast of the map. There are plenty of buildings to loot and will definitely be a popular landing spot especially if the flight path is close by.

There are also a lot of smaller compounds all around the town which could also be good looting spots.

Moving to the middle of the map is easy, but you’ll have to cross the river at some point.

Ban Tai is a small beach located just South of Camp Charlie. It has a few piers and small buildings to loot. If you play solo, this is a great looting spot to avoid the bulk of the players.

pubg sanhok map loot locations - nochgames


Unlike the larger PUBG maps, Sanhok offers a whole other way to play the game.

The map is only 4×4 km and has a lot of cool locations packed in a small space. It’s faster with larger battles and you will always be on the move in order to stay alive.

With dynamic weather and quicker blue zones, Sanhok will give you a super fun time.

I highlighted the main features of the map and what you can expect when playing on the PUBG Sanhok map.

I also went through all the best and dangerous loot locations for you to choose your favorite ones to win that chicken dinner.


What is your favorite location on Sanhok, tell me in the comments!


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