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14 PUBG Loot Locations To Get You That Chicken Dinner

Have you ever been in a PUBG fight where your opponent had a far better weapon and loot items than you?

I certainly have been in a lot!

And why?

It probably has to do with where you choose to land on the map and how many players go with you, whether you’re alone or in a squad.

I have played with a lot of random squads and the single most challenging decision to make is where to land, which will have a big impact on how the rest of the game will play out.

So to have the best chance of getting out at top is to choose the right loot location.

There are many PUBG loot locations spread all over Erangel, but where should you go to have the best chance of getting that famous Chicken Dinner?

Good question!

I created this post, to highlight the most popular landing spots and best loot locations by sharing my own experiences.

In this article I used 3 main factors to determine the loot location’s ranking:

  • Risk Factor
  • Loot availability
  • Extraction difficulty

Taking these into account will quickly help you establish what style of game you’re going for. Aggressive, survival or stealthy. For example – if you want to play an aggressive round you’ll want to go to the High Risk – High Loot areas like School, Military or Prison.

Let me just say, there are no right or wrong landing spots and every round will ultimately be different. Be prepared to think on your feet and enjoy every moment of it!



1. School

pubg loot locations school - nochgames

The School is almost in the middle of the map and is a very popular landing spot. It’s just South of Rozhok and quite close to the apartments to the East and Water Town to the West, all of which are potentially very dangerous locations.

Extreme risk – School is the place where new soldiers go to train and experienced players get even better at close quarter combat. You’ll almost always find more than a handful of players landing there, for any type of game you choose. Be ready to fight!

Easy extraction – The School is in the middle of the map and if you manage to survive, you’ll still need to get past all the surrounding areas.

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2. Sosnovka Military Base

pubg loot locations military base - nochgames

The large Military Base is situated on the far South of the map on its own island called Sosnovka. The Military base is another super popular landing spot for players, new and experienced. Unlike School which is crammed into a small space, Military Base has a few loot locations spread out all over.

Extreme risk – What newcomers are to School, experienced veteran players are to Military. The Military Base is the place where they come to take over and become king of the island. It is much larger than School and you must be prepared to take fights over long and short distances.

Hard extraction – Being at the Southern edge of the map with only 2 bridges to connect you to the main island, Military Base is most likely the hardest to extract from. You’ll face ambushes on the bridges, players running for the boats on the beach and you will need to travel far. Well, most of the time.

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3. Prison

pubg loot locations prsion - nochgames

In a small facility to the West to the map, you’ll find the Prison better known as “The Crater of Death”. The Prison is a secluded area with not many dangerous locations nearby, but you don’t want to get trapped there.

Extreme risk – It is surrounded by steep cliffs on three sides so that leaves only one why to get out of there. The best strategy is to take out the competition and loot as fast as possible before getting ambushed from the cliffs above.

Medium extraction – Moving to another location from prison is not a problem if you or your team are alone. There are usually a vehicle near the entrance and other dangerous loot areas are not close by.

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4. Mylta Power Complex

pubg loot locations mylta power - nochgames

All the way to the West past Mylta, the place with the large nuclear pipes is the Mylta Power complex.  It consists of one large building and further the huge complex with a few looting spots.

Medium risk – If you are lucky, you won’t have too much people dropping there or at least at the same part as you. Mylta Power also has a lot of great loot locations and can give you and a team enough items to get the party started.

Hard extraction – Getting out of Mylta Power to a more central part of the map when you need to move can be tricky. You’ll have to go over or around the large mountain, where you will past places like Mylta to the East, Lipovka from the North and Prison to the Northwest. The best is to avoid all of these if you don’t want a fight, especially when you need to travel a long distance to the next playzone.

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5. Water Town

pubg loot locations water town - nochgames

Water Town is located just off the road leading East out from Rozhok and just to the West of the Ruins.

Medium Risk – Danger from surrounding areas will come from Rozhok, School and sometimes Ruins. There are a lot of buildings to loot so can take a while to go through all of them. It is a good place to land for squads if they still want to be close to the middle, but not facing the direct dangers like School or Pochinki.

Easy extraction – Extracting from this location is easy due to the centrality and there will be vehicle spawns close by. The garage at the small complex just across the road is a popular vehicle spawn location.

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6. Hospital

pubg loot locations hospital - nochgames

Hospital is another loot location where you go when you’d like to avoid most of the fighting, but still want to be close to the action. Located on the far East of the map close to the Southern part of Georgopol.

Medium Risk – There are always a possibility of a few other players landing at the hospital with you, but you will be out of immediate danger from Georgopol. The loot is decent and will get you and your team well looted for the next stage of a round.

Hard extraction – The main reasons why it is hard to extract from Hospital is that you either need to go past Georgopol or around the mountains to the South and into the fields of Gatka. It is also on the edge of the map which can make for travelling. There are most likely a vehicle spawn on the road to the South that can help.

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7. Shelter

pubg loot locations shelter - nochgames

When you are a new player you’ll most likely miss the Shelter, because it has no buildings to spot them on the map. The Shelter is just West from the Prison and have a few entrances you can go in and start looting.

Medium Risk – You’ll not find a lot of people going to the Shelter, but when you do the gun fights can get brutal in those tunnels. It has a medium risk to loot at, mainly that it’s not as popular but can still be dangerous if you find yourself trapped in there.

Medium extraction – Getting out of the tunnels is not a big problem and you can easily move towards the middle of the map if you should. The largest threats will be the Prison to the East, the complex and warehouse to the North. Also keep a lookout for people possibly travelling from Mylta.

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8. Mansion

pubg loot locations mansion - nochgames

Welcome to the Mansion, in the middle of nowhere! You will find it basically in the middle of Lipovka, Prison and Yasnaya Polyana with a swampy-forest terrain to the North and large open grassfields to the Southeast.

Medium Risk – Mansion is a nice loot location to land and have enough gear to get you ready for the rest of the round. The only time people go there is if the plane fly close or over this location which can make it a little bit dangerous. Also beware of players moving through there during the mid-round stages.

Hard extraction – The main reasons why it’s hard to get out of the Mansion is the fact that there are no roads close by. The closest high probability vehicle spawn is at the compound to the Northeast so if the circle is far from you, get ready to run a to find a vehicle.

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9. Gun Range

pubg loot locations gun range - nochgames

Way up North almost in the middle of the map, you’ll find the Gun Range with loot scattered throughout the complex. Just to the Northeast lies Severny which always attracts a few players, which can give you a visit later on.

Medium Risk – The Gun Range is a large flat complex that has hills all around it, most notably the one to the South. When the circle is moving towards that area, get sniped from above is a big risk. There are not many trees around the complex, so it makes it harder to hide and easier to be spotted from far away. It’s best to loot fast and move to a better position.

Medium extraction – Moving out from the Gun Range is not tricky and you’ll easily find a vehicle along the road. However, you’ll usually have to travel long distances to the safe zone which is always dangerous.

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10. Farm

pubg loot locations farm - nochgames

Located West of Mylta just of the bridge leading to the Military island. The Farm is fairly central and have a few geographical advantages that could come into play.

Low Risk – The Farm’s loot locations consists of a few buildings and you will usually need to go to the surrounding complexes to get fully looted up. The main advantages for the Farm is that it’s close to the bridge to set up ambushes and near Mylta to fight players coming from that direction.

Easy extraction – For extraction you have a few options, either go on foot, take a vehicle on the roads nearby,  get into a boat if you need to or go to the bridge and create a roadblock ambush. The possibilities are all around you.

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11. Stalbar

pubg loot locations stalbar - nochgames

On the top of a mountain in the Northeast corner of the map, Stalbar is a place with ruins and a few military buildings. If the plane’s flight path is not close, there will not really be players.

Low Risk – Stalbar has plenty of loot and is a low risk loot location mainly because it’s a hassle to get there if you don’t land there directly. When you do land there, make sure to get a gun and surprise your opponents as they are looting through the ruins.

Hard extraction – Ready to run? There are no roads close to Stalbar and it’s at the top of the mountain, so if you need to move be ready to run. The closest possible vehicles will either be at the Yasnaya compound to the West or all the way down to Yasnaya.


12. Ruins

pubg loot locations ruins - nochgames

The Ruins is just West of the Water Town next to the river. It covers a large area and have a lot of hiding spots to lose a chasing enemy. The loot is good enough for one or two players, but will most likely not get a full squad looted.

Low Risk – As a landing spot, the Ruins has fairly low risk due to not many players landing there. However it can become busy when players start to move in the mid game.

Medium extraction – Unlike Stalbar, you’ll find yourself all the way down to sea level. Moving quickly to another part of the map can however be tricky, with no roads or vehicles nearby and other dangerous loot locations in the surrounding areas. The only advantage from an extraction point of view is the fact that Ruins are closer to the middle of the map that will make the travel distances shorter.


13. Ferry Pier

pubg loot locations ferry pier - nochgames

Ferry Pier is a small location on the beach to the South across from the Military island. It is close to one of the bridges crossing to the smaller island, which is again a great place to set up your ambush.

Low Risk – It is not a very popular landing place and will find minimal resistance within that location. The biggest dangers is the bridge for sure, where many players will cross. Other than that you can get enough items at this loot location.

Easy extraction – Being situated on the beach and on the main island, extraction is pretty easy and offers a few possibilities. It depends where you have to move, but you can go by foot, find a vehicle on the road next to Ferry Pier or choose the take a boat over the water.


14. Quarry

pubg loot locations quarry - nochgames

Last but not least, the Quarry loot location is located in the Southeastern part of the map and is pretty isolated. If you’re playing solo and want to loot quietly with no early game interruptions, the Quarry is perfect.

Low Risk – It has enough loot for one, maybe two players and has it scattered all over the location. Make sure you don’t take too long to loot and get ready to move once completed.

Easy extraction – It’s not guaranteed, but finding a vehicle along the road going past the Quarry is usually easy. From there you can swiftly move to where you need to go next and avoiding the most dangerous spots on the map.




There you have it!

14 different PUBG loot locations on the island of Erangel to test out, explore and get the gear for you’re a chicken dinner.

I have given you everything you need to start every round so that you’ll know what to expect if you land at certain places, like the risk level, loot availability and extraction possibilities for each location.

My favourite loot locations is Military, Mylta Power, Water Town and Farm.

What are your favourite locations to loot in PUBG?

Tell me in the comments.


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