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A Simple PUBG Attachment Guide You Can Use Immediately!

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In this PUBG Attachment Guide I will show you how you can better understand and use the available attachments.

There are currently over 20 different PUBG weapon attachments and everyone is different. This can be confusing at first, but once you know the basics it will make a lot more sense.

So to make the best choices in your games, you will have to know as much as possible to have the edge.

My PUBG attachment guide may just be the answer, so keep reading.


Scope Attachments

Scopes or Sights are on the upper rail of the weapon with the primary function to improve your aim. The scopes you can use PUBG range from 1x (no zoom) to 15x and there are 9 different options you can choose from, each for different scenarios and distances.

pubg attachment guide scopes - nochgames



The ironsight is the default sight which is technically also a sight. It can be tricky to play with iron sights only, but this will mostly be the case at the beginning of the rounds until you find a scope.


The Holographic scope is a 1x reflex sight with a clear reticle and a circle and dot in the center. It has a bulky frame and can visibility a little harder compared to the Red Dot, but is ultimately up to personal preference. It is best used in close quarter combat situations, perfect for SMG’s, AR’s and LMG’s.

Red dot

The Red Dot scope is the most popular close range option in PUBG, mainly because of it’s thin design and having more visibility. It also increase your ADS (Aim Down Sight) time by 20%.

You can change the dot in the center to one that works best for you (Page Up & Page Down). Like the Holographic sight, it is best used at close range combat and works great on SMG’s, AR’s and LMG’s.

2x Aimpoint Scope

The 2x Aimpoint scope is the bridge between close and medium range combat which gives you more flexibility. It has a circle with a dot that can be changed to either red or green, whichever preferred.

At 100m a standing target will fit perfectly into the circle, at 200m a standing target will fit between the inner dot and the circle and at 300m the width of a standing target will be as wide as the center dot. That is all things to consider when trying to figure out exactly how far a target is from you.

3x Scope

One of the newer scope attachments in PUBG is the 3x scope. This is a great scope for shooting at medium ranged targets between 100 to 200m.

It has a small reticle in the center which makes aiming and visibility better. It is perfect for AR’s and sniper rifles and is personally one of my favourite scopes to use.

4x ACOG Scope

The 4x scope is the most popular scope in PUBG which is perfect for medium to long range use. You should always pick up a 4x if you don’t already have one, because it can be used by AR’s, DMR’s and Sniper rifles.

6x Scope

The 6x scope is also one of the latest scopes in PUBG, and falls between the 4x and 8x. Perfect for using with AR’s, DMR’s and Snipers. You can also zoom in and out to 3x which gives you more flexibility.

8x CQBSS Scope

The 8x scope is the most popular sniper rifle scope you can use in PUBG. It can also zoom in and out to 4x and is best used over long range.

You can only attach the 8x to sniper rifles and DMR’s, so if you don’t have one of those it takes a lot of space in your bag.

PM II 15x Scope

The 15x scope is only available for Sniper and DMR rifles and you can only find them in airdrops. Due to the high magnification, it is best to use over very long distances with weapons that has high bullet speeds, like the Mini-14 and AWM.

It can also zoom in and out.


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Magazines attachments in PUBG play an important role as they give you the ability to increase both reload speed and amount of bullets available per magazine.

You will find magazine attachments for Pistols, SMG’s, Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles and DMR weapons.

The DMR weapons can use both AR and Sniper magazine attachments.

pubg attachment guide magazines - nochgames


Quick Reload

The Quick reload magazine does just what it says, reducing reload times for the weapon you attach it to. It is probably the least used of all the magazine attachments as we all want that extended or quick extended.


Attaching an Extended magazine to your weapon will give you more rounds before you have to reload again. This is especially good for close range combat so you can deal the most damage as possible when you are in auto firing mode.

Quick Extended

The Quick Extended magazine has the best of both worlds with quicker reload speeds and more rounds per magazine. It is undoubtedly the best choice if you can find one of these for your weapon.


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pubg attachment guide muzzles - nochgames



The main goal for the compensator is to reduce the recoil of the weapon. This will help you control the weapon better, especially when in auto firing mode.

Flash hider

When you fire a weapon it makes a small explosion that will let you see the flash.

The first two things you do when someone is shooting at you from an unknown position is, trying to spot movement or the flash from the weapon. In order to become harder to spot, the Flash Hider masks the explosion.

This works great at long range if you want to stay undetectable.


A Suppressor will make the sound of the weapon you use much more silent. In not only reduces sound, but also hides the flash in PUBG. So it has two important factors which can give you the upper hand.


The Choke is used by shotguns to reduce the spread of the pellets. This will help you deal more concentrated damage and can also increases the distance for the shotgun.


Like the choke, the Duckbill is used by shotguns. Instead of concentrating the pellets, the Duckbill increases the horizontal spread of the pellets making it a good choice for hitting more that 1 target at close range.

Best used for clearing out buildings.


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Grips/Lower Rail Attachments

pubg attachment guide grips - nochgames


Vertical grip

The Vertical Grip is the most popular lower rail attachments mainly reducing vertical recoil and is best for players tapping (firing in short bursts rather than holding down the trigger).

When you are firing in automatic, the weapon will starts to shoot higher and you need to keep it down. It also makes switching to ADS a bit faster than if you didn’t had it attached.

Angled grip

The Angled Grip, although in PUBG it states that it reduces vertical recoil, it actually only reduces horizontal recoil. This will make your weapon better when you like to spray, moving the weapon left and right while firing in automatic mode.

It also reduce ADS times by 10%.

Thumb grip

Attaching the Thumb Grip will reduce vertical recoil, but will increase your horizontal recoil. This means the weapon will move less up and down, but more side to side.

Lightweight grip

The Lightweight Grip reduces the recoil recovery time, meaning that the weapon will stop moving quicker after firing. The downside is that it increases both vertical and horizontal recoil, so is not very good to use in auto firing mode.

It is best used for longer range shots where you don’t have to fire a lot of shots after each other.

Half grip

The Half Grip reduces horizontal and vertical recoil, it also reduces recoil recovery. The Half Grip is great for keeping any weapon under control balancing out the ability in all areas.


If you play with the Crossbow, you know how slow it is to reload. The Quiver attachment makes the reload times 30% faster so you can have quicker follow-up shots.



pubg attachment guide stocks - nochgames


Tactical Stock

The Tactical Stock is available only for the M416 and the Kriss Vector. It will make your weapon more stable by reducing sway and also reducing the overall recoil.

Uzi Stock

The Uzi Stock is exclusively for the Micro Uzi and will help to keep your weapon more stable at those close quarter combat situations.

Bullet Loops

Bullet loops are available for shotguns and the Kar98k. It helps you to reload your weapon faster.

Cheek Pad

Using a cheek pad will increase the stability of your weapon and is available for only sniper rifles and DMR’s. It reduces recoil, sway and recovery times on your sniper rifles. Good for keeping that weapon under control at long range fights.


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There you have it!

A simple PUBG attachment guide you can use when you play the game. It’s so easy to get confused when you have to make quick decisions and take home that win.

I discussed all the PUBG weapon attachments, scopes, magazines, grips, muzzles and stocks. If you found this guide helpful, please feel free to share it.

What are your favourite weapon attachments?

Tell me in the comments.


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