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Just Cause 4 – Everything You Need To Know

just cause 4 - everything you need to know

Chaos, destruction and a massive open world!

That is what the Just Cause Series are all about and the latest title, Just Cause 4, is no exemption.

You will have hours of fun destroying things all over the map, take town dangerous enemies and ultimately enjoy a great story.

In this article I highlight a few major points that you’ll find in the game and what Just Cause 4 is all about. It is the ultimate action-adventure game you can play.


Just Cause 4: The Main Story

Rico Rodriguez, the main character, are approached by a native in Solis to help take back the land from a mercenary group called the Black Hand.

The main reasons you’re in Solis are to help the locals get back their own land and destroy a science project, Project Illapa, that aims to control the weather in the region.

The dictator, Oscar Espinosa, has a tight grip on the people in Solis which leads to many run-ins with the local mercenaries.

When Rico digs deeper in the to find out more about the project, he finds that his father was also once working on it, which now makes him even more curious.

Rico decides that he will help the local people fight the Black Hand and ultimately destroy the dictatorship, while searching for answers about his father and Project Illapa.

There are 4 main cores on the island which needs to be destroyed, but to get to them you’ll need to create a large enough army to push back the enemy and take back land, one step at a time.

You team up with a few interesting locals to recruit the “Army of Chaos” and to destroy ultimately destroy Oscar Espinosa’s hold on Solis.

Destruction, chaos, crazy physics and an interesting story is the main features of Just Cause 4.




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The Map, Open World and Setting

You find yourself in Solis, a fictional South American setting with a large open world map to explore, do missions and create the ultimate destruction.

Almost everything is destructible and can either be blown up or broken up into pieces, so get creative.

The map in Just Cause 4 is about 1024 square km, which is a bit smaller than the one we found in Just Cause 3, but you’ll most likely not even notice the small difference.

While travelling and exploring this massive open world, you’ll find a lot of different areas, interesting locations, beautiful scenery and some really challenging weather.

You can expect to find cities, towns, rural farming areas, dense forests, snow capped mountains and even a piece of barren desert area.

There are really a lot to see!

The weather is playing a big part in Just Cause 4, which makes it a fun and interesting addition.

From massive tornadoes tearing through the land to blizzard and thunder storms, you will be challenged to survive them or sometimes even use them to your advantage.

Solis is a really beautiful virtual world and you should with no doubt enjoy every moment exploring it.

just cause 4 - everything you need to know

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Main Characters & Enemy Leaders

Rico Rodriguez

Rico Rodriguez is the main character you play with and is a really badass kind of guy, with his parachute, wingsuit and grappling hook. You can go almost anywhere you want, not to mention all the weapons and vehicles you’ll have to your disposal.

Oscar Espinosa

Oscar Espinosa, the dictator and brain behind the major science Project Illapa. He sits in his office and try to make the life hell for the people in Solis.

Gabriela Morales

Gabriela Morales is the head of the Black Hand mercenary group and works for Oscar to keep people of Solis in line. When Rico returns, she now has a real problem that calls to pull out all the stops.

just cause 4 - everything you need to know

The Black Hand

The Black Hand mercenary group is highly trained in military combat and is a real force to reckon with. They were also the group that served the dictator in Just Cause 3. They have some really dangerous toys at their disposal, from weapons, heavy armoured vehicles, military helicopters and much more.

Mira Morales

Mira Morales, the native and friend seeking help from you to take down the enemy and free the people of Solis. She is basically the head of the army you are creating and will be a frequent character throughout the game.

Army of Chaos

just cause 4 - everything you need to know

Army of Chaos – The Army you and the natives build after forming an alliance. Here are some characters that will help you take back the land:

  • Luis Sargento – He’s an eager Commander and makes sure the ground you win back stays in the hands of the natives.
  • Izzy – A Hacker that can basically get you into almost any building with a tight security. It’s always great to have something that knows about computers.
  • Garland King – The guy with the camera! King is a Filmmaker and is obsessed with shooting the most insane stunts and send it on to inspire the local people of Solis.
  • Javi Huerta – An Archaeologist who is looking for answers about the history of Solis and how it fell in the hands of a dictator. He will certainly know some interesting locations on the map to go and explore.

Miguel Rodriguez, Rico’s father, and Lanza Morales, Mira’s uncle, who were both killed while working on Project Illapa. They are never seen in the story, but are mentioned all the time.


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Just Cause 4 Weapons

Weapons in Just Cause 4 falls in 2 main categories, Small arms and Heavy weapons.

They can both be used for anything, but their main aim are different.

Small arms are used against enemies themselves, while Heavy weapons are aimed for taking down heavy armoured vehicles, buildings and structures that really need some power to destroy.

Besides the primary weapons, each weapon has a secondary function which can be used.

These are ranging from grenade launchers to bullet proof barriers.

To get the most out of them, you’ll need to know which ones will work best for you in different situations.

Throughout the game you can also unlock supply drops from the rebels, bringing any weapon you chose to use.

Here is a link for more on all the weapons in Just Cause 4

just cause 4 - everything you need to know

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Solis is a really big map and to get around you will need transportation and there are plenty.

The amount of vehicles in the game are way too long to list here, so check out this awesome video giving a quick overview of all the vehicles you can expect to see in the game.

It includes the following:

  • Cars, Bikes and Trucks
  • Military Vehicles
  • Jets and Helicopters
  • Boats





Now you have a basic overview of what to expect from Just Cause 4 and what all the things are you can do to enjoy the game.

I discussed the background of the story, without giving too much away, what to expect from the large open world, who the main characters are you’ll find, the weapons that is available and the vehicles to find your way around the map.

If you enjoy action, adventure and a almost fully destructible world, Just Cause 4 should definitely be on your list of games to play.

What part of Just Cause 4 are looking out for the most?

Share your thoughts in the comments.


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