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Do Your Gaming Blog Promotion Like A Pro!

You have started your very own video gaming blog, did your setup and are now busy creating awesome gaming content.

But you don’t get a lot of visitors yet!


The answer is BLOG PROMOTION!

Without a blog promotion strategy not many people will see your gaming blog, even if you have the best content on the web.

Whether you’re a brand new blog or a blog that have been around for some time, promoting your blog is one of the key factors to build your online brand.

Gaming Blog Promotion - Nochgames

In my Gaming Blog Series, I have discussed all the important steps to physically create your video game blog like the setup and creating awesome gaming content.

So now is the time to actually put in some work to get your content noticed and create a strategy that will help you in the long run.

There are many ways to promote your gaming blog posts, either for free or with paid advertising. I am going to discuss the most important ways you can promote your blog, specifically related to the gaming industry and in general.

The key is to be able to build your own blog promotion strategy that will best fit your needs and content topics you blog about.

Before you can start your gaming blog promotion process, you need to understand what you’ll be promoting it for. This will help you to be more targeted and help you understand the goals you’re trying to achieve.

There are 3 kind of blog promotion goals you’d like to plan and create your strategies around. The main goal is to ultimately get more visitors to your video game blog, but without doing some extra work it will not work for the long run.

  1. Promotion for link building (Link Building and Influencer marketing)
  2. Promotion for building relationships (Communities, Groups and Forums)
  3. Promotion for getting more traffic (Social Media)

When you just promote to get traffic, you’ll have to keep it up which can be a lot of work. Promoting to get more links and creating relationships within the gaming industry will help you secure the long term benefits.

You will get visitors to your gaming blog while you sleep and not only when you actively promote your content.

So what are you waiting for?



– Blog Promotion For Links –

Link Building

The reason I start with link building is that most people new to blogging or SEO thinks that link building is all about the technical stuff.

Yes, many of the techniques can be very technical, but with the basics you can create a great foundation to build on in the future.

Link building is still the biggest factor Google uses to determine a site’s quality, so without any kind of links you will have little to no chance to even reach the top 5-10 pages in Google.

With that all being said, link building is basically a way to promote your content to other bloggers within your industry or anyone related to your topic.

Gaming Blog Promotion - Nochgames

These can be other gaming bloggers, gaming websites, gaming communities with a website or anyone that will have the ability to link to your gaming blog. It sounds tricky and yes it is a really tricky topic.

The key is to create really high quality content and then present it to other bloggers or gaming sites within the gaming niche.

Just with anything worth working for in live, link building and promoting your blog will take time with the start being the hardest part.

Like I said, link building can be very technical sometimes, but I’m going to focus on one of the less technical ways to get your blog in front of more people. So stick around.


Influencer Outreach

This is called influencer marketing, where you find big enough names to share your content with their audience.

This also becomes easier if you have really great content, which is basically a prerequisite for any content promotion strategy. So who are an influencer?

That’s basically blogs, other related gaming websites and individuals that have a large following or an already established online brand. For example, you have created a blog post about a certain gaming topic.

Now you go and find people that have already created or shared similar content in the past. Try to keep it as recent as possible, like within the last 6 months. The hardest part is usually finding those influencer, especially at the start, but just keep looking and you’ll find them all over the place.

Once you’ve made a list of influencers, start at the top and contact them either by email or their social media account (for gaming this would most likely be through social media). The key is to build a relationship with the influencer and when the time is right you can show them your content that you created.

Gaming Blog Promotion - Nochgames

Don’t just send them a link randomly, because it never works! If you first help them and your content is of high quality, they will most of the time be more than willing to link back to your site.

Just remember that it’s a numbers game and the more you do it, the better your chances to get more links. Once your blog gets a little bit of traction after a while and more people start visiting it, links may come more naturally.

So where do you find these influential gaming individuals or game related websites?

If you know where to look, it can help a lot with getting the right people to share your gaming content. Most of you already has a decent following and should just dig a little deeper to get that breakthrough.

Here are some of the best places you can find people to share your gaming posts with their audience.

Link Building can be a little confusing at first, so here are a few great link building article that may help you start – Google Hates Link Building. Here’s How to Do It the Right Way, Neil Patel.



– Blog Promotion For Relationships –

Gaming Communities & Groups

Are you part of a gaming community? If not, you should definitely look for one or even a few, the more the better.

Try to find gaming communities that are creating content similar to yours and where everyone can support each other. That is ultimately what those communities are about. It’s also very important not to spam the hell out of the community.

Try to help others promote their content first and focus on building relationships rather than just aimlessly throwing your links in there. Most of the time some of these communities can become less active and eventually obsolete, so it’s very important to stay active.

There are thousands of gaming communities all over the world, small ones and big ones, but you will have to find the best ones that can help your gaming blog succeed.

Gaming Blog Promotion - Nochgames

You will find most of these communities at places like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch and Gaming Forums. You don’t have to be part of every community on every gaming website, but choose the ones where you are already most active.

For example, if you use Twitter the most you can try and find groups or communities on there you can join. This also doesn’t mean you can only be active on one of these, usually it works well to combine them. Like being active on Twitter while building your YouTube channel.


Gaming Forums

Gaming forums are a great place to get answers for almost anything about gaming.

Most large forums have hundreds or thousands of people participating everyday. The main goal for a forum is not to market something, but to help others answer questions or discuss certain topics within the industry.

When you become more well known throughout the forum by participating on a regular basis, you can link to your site if you have something that might help someone. Also, being active on forums can help you build valuable relationships with other gamers which could also have a blog, YouTube or Twitch channel.

Like I said earlier, forums are not a marketing platform like social media for instance, so don’t expect to see hundreds of visitors from them. Rather focus on building a network which could later lead to backlinks to your gaming blog from other gaming bloggers.

Gaming Blog Promotion - Nochgames

This will in turn help you build a stronger SEO foundation over the long run and gain more visitors from search engines, like Google. The forum you choose to participate in will also depend on what you write about.

For example, if you write a lot of gaming hardware reviews, Tom’s Hardware is a great place to get either ideas or help people getting the answers they want.

There are hundreds of forums out there, you just have to find one that is related to your topics and where you can actually give value and participate. Most of the big gaming website also has a forum where you can meet people that can also be very helpful, like Gamespot’s forum.

Almost like with forums, Quora is a question-and-answer platform where you can help people with certain queries. Quora has questions in almost any field you can think of, gaming topics too. Solve a problem or give your opinion and you might just get a bit of traffic if you have a blog post about that certain topic.

Reddit are also a great place to promote your gaming blog. It’s basically somewhat between social media and a forum. I personally are not too involved and active on Reddit yet, but here are a awesome guide I found you can use if you’d like to use Reddit more – Reddit Blog Traffic, by Traffic Generation Cafe.



– Blog Promotion For Traffic –

Social Media

In the first two parts of this article I wrote about why link building is important and how building valuable relationships can help you establish your online brand.

Social Media is the third part of the puzzle, with its goal being to get as much eyes on your content as possible. This could either be through your profile, page or paid advertising.

When you still have small social media account, paid advertising can really help send more traffic to your gaming blog. But remember to create quality content, you don’t want to flush a few dollars down the drain by sending people to low quality thin content.

You also don’t have to be super active on all your account, because it can become a lot of work especially if you still work alone. The two most popular ways to get visitors from social media are probably Facebook and Twitter, they’re certainly the most obvious.

So how do you get more visitors from Facebook and Twitter to your gaming blog?

Make sure to read my previous post where I talked about how to add social media images for each post, this is very important to make them show correctly.



Gaming Blog Promotion - Nochgames

Facebook can be a tricky place to get traffic, especially when you’re just starting out, because you won’t have a large following. Facebook works great when you have a lot of likes to your page or if you are already part of large Facebook gaming groups.

The reason is that nowadays, you only see around 5% of what everyone are posting. So people that follow you will also see less than 5% of your content. Scary, so what should you do?

Here are 4 easy ways to build a bigger following on Facebook.

1. Set your page’s preferred audience. This will help you target people relevant to your topics and Facebook will try and show your content to people that showed interest in gaming. Here is how to do it.

Go to your Facebook Page > Click on Settings > Click on Preferred Page Audience > Select your settings and Save

Gaming Blog Promotion - Nochgames

2. Post more video content. On Facebook, videos are the best way to get people to engage with your content, visit your page and even your gaming blog. This can also be a great opportunity to use your own YouTube videos or someone else’s, just make sure to give them credit.

3. Only post your best content. If you write like ten posts per day, don’t post all of them on Facebook. People don’t want to get overwhelmed by a lot of information, they’d rather like quality content that are interesting.

4. Invite people to like your page. Facebook has this interesting feature where you can invite everyone who engaged with your content. For example, see who liked your post and invite those to like your page.

Luckily you can only do this once with each person, so you won’t be able to spam them, which is a good thing.

To read the full article that go into much more detail on each point – read this Facebook Algorithm Hacks, by Neil Patel

Further Reading – How to Get 200 Targeted Facebook Followers Per Day.



Gaming Blog Promotion - Nochgames

Twitter on the other hand, compared to Facebook, is much more active in the gaming industry.

There are a lot of gaming groups and communities helping to promote each other. Although most of the gamers are Twitch streamers and YouTube creators, it’s also great to get game blogging right up there.

Like I said a million times before, a gaming blog and YouTube or Twitch channel can work really great together. So you want to create a video game blog or already have one, but want to get more traffic from twitter.

How do you do it? Just like with anything else I wrote about, if the content you are sharing is interesting and helpful, people will eventually follow you and visit your gaming blog.

In this section I’m not going to give tips on how to grow your Twitter profile, but how to get the most eyes on your content by working with what you’ve got.

7 Ways I used That Exploded My Twitter Traffic

1. Timing on Twitter are key, the time of day and even the day of the week. That’s because of the different time zones and if people are not busy with something else.

If you post 10 posts a day, you will see that some of the posts do better than the others. Do this for a week or so and you will have a good idea of when would be the best time to post.

2. The amount of times you post will also affect how much people see your posts. A Post on Twitter only have an average lifetime of about 18 minutes before it disappears into the cyber space.

That’s why it’s important to get people to retweet your content so it could have a longer lifetime. So the more you post the better, but don’t spam your audience!

Gaming Blog Promotion - Nochgames

3. Always try to use an image, a video or a link in your posts to catch the attention of potential visitors. Tweets goes so fast that it’s really hard to see a small amount of text and random link in the feed or even on someone’s profile.

People also love to see what to expect before they click through to your blog.

4. Include retweet accounts (@mentions) within your tweets, it works especially well with gaming topics. This is also a great way to get more impressions if you still have a very small account at the beginning.

There are lots of accounts that would retweet your gaming posts, you just have to find them. Here are a few examples, @ShoutGamers @GamerRTer @HyperRTs @RETWEETDNR. Remember to follow them first!

5. Use relevant hashtags. This could help if you’re part of a community. Look for popular gaming hashtags and add them rather than using random words that no one is search for.

6. Pin your latest or most important blog post to the top of your profile to get more views. If you post like 10 or 20 times a day, choose the most important post and pin that to your profile.

When people visit your profile, they will see that post first and if it’s interesting they will click through to your gaming blog.

7. With all of this in mind it can become quite a task to do everything manually. So you can also use a scheduling tool like Crowd Fire Crowd Fire App to schedule your posts more consistently.

When I started my Twitter account I ran a lot of experiments to see what works best to get the most traffic from my Twitter profile. I used all these tactics and had really great results.

The content I posted wasn’t even that great, so with the right content and the right strategy, you can get a lot of traffic from Twitter.

Here are the results I got from using these techniques.

My Daily Impressions for the month of May

Gaming Blog Promotion - Nochgames

19000 Daily Impressions on Average

Gaming Blog Promotion - Nochgames

Engagement Statistics

Gaming Blog Promotion - Nochgames Gaming Blog Promotion - Nochgames To keep this kind of activity up can become really hard, so if you do it now and then when you a great amount of posts to promote. Go for it!

Here are also a great article to get the most out of your Twitter promotion – 12 Formulas – How To Use Twitter To Drive Traffic To Your Blog, by Wishpond.



Without the proper Blog Promotion Strategy your gaming blog will not get a lot of visitors over the long term and most people eventually give up.

Don’t let that happen to you!

I discussed a few ways you can start promoting your gaming more effectively to gain more visitors for years to come. I also pointed out why link and relationship building are key to passively build more traffic.

So the next steps for you would be to create a simple but effective blog promotion strategy that you can implement. No one will have the same strategy, so find what works best for you and work with that.

If you have any other suggestions feel free to share it in the comments. Also please share if you liked my post!

What are your favourite gaming blog promotion strategies and which technique are you going to try first?

Tell me in the comments.


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