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8 Ingredients To Create Awesome Gaming Content.

how to create gaming content - nochgamesI think we can agree that:

Finding ideas and creating great gaming content consistently for your blog can be very hard sometimes.

But it shouldn’t have to be!

If all of us had the same ingredients to cook a meal, would all the meals look or taste the same?

Certainly not, everyone will use their ingredients in their own unique way, whether it’s good or bad!

My point is that it’s almost the same with creating awesome content… we all have the same ingredients to choose from, but knowing what they are and how to apply them properly can help you a lot to create better gaming content.

Creating good gaming content will not appear magically after slapping a few hundred words onto a blog post. The way you structure or present your content is key to get the most out of it.

So in this post I am giving you the Ingredients and Characteristics you can start using immediately to create high quality content for your gaming blog.

Creating great content is a choice!



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So Here’s My Basic Ingredients For Creating High Quality Content

The following points are just a basic suggestion you can use to create content.

Be creative, experiment and try new combinations, you’re the boss!


1. Long Form Content

I start with the long form content characteristic, because that was one of the first things I wanted to avoid when I started my journey.


Because it’s really hard work to write long articles!

But the more you avoid it, the more you realise that it’s totally the wrong way to go.

So why should you create longer gaming content blog posts?

The main reason is that longer content tend to be shared and linked to much easier than short general content, because anyone can write short uninteresting posts.

create awesome gaming content - nochgames

Longer posts give you the opportunity to use much more detail, provide more in-depth information, provide more value and help your readers find what they’re really looking for.

This can be the case for any kind of post, whether your blog’s gaming content is just interesting to read, you’re solving a problem or providing valuable tips on a certain game or product.

The best length for quality content is usually, but not limited to, between 1500 – 2000 words per post.

That is more than enough to explain most topics with quite a bit of detail.

If you’re asking, How can I write so much words on a single topic?

A great way I use to create longer posts is to combine articles with the same topic and create one large post.

For example, instead of writing 5 short posts (300-500 words) about a First Person Shooter, you can write one large post (2000 words) that cover a number of different aspects.

The content will be much more powerful.

Here’s a quick illustration:

create awesome gaming content - nochgames


2. Highly Detailed Gaming Content

Just like long form content, the more detail you put in your posts, the more it is likely to get links from other sites and social shares from your audience.

A highly detailed and long form post goes hand-in-hand, because the more detail you put into your content, the longer your post would be.

It’s actually very difficult to explain something in detail in a short amount of words. Rather take the time and go the extra mile.

You will not regret it over the long run.

Just also try to create original content when going into more details, meaning that you should never directly copy someone’s work.

It may get you a Google penalty.

One of the best ways to create more detailed content is to answer a specific question your readers might have, provide a practical solution to a problem a lot of gamers struggle with.

Games are very practical which makes it perfect to write practical content.

create awesome gaming content - nochgames

Take Strategy Games for example, there can be hundreds of different ways to reach the same goal.

Diving deeper into strategies, tactics and trying to solve the problem will give you the ability to write very detailed gaming articles.

You can also include facts where needed (but not too much), like when writing about gaming hardware, and give an opinion about a product, game or any topic you’re talking about.

With all of this in mind, creating longer more detailed content, it is very important to plan how you will write a post.

By that I mean you should have a basic structure that you can use.

It will make creating your gaming content much easier.

I will discuss basic Content Structures later in the post in more detail.

The next 2 characteristics will mostly depend on the type of post you are going to write, so you can use only one or both to make your gaming articles better.


3. Use Storytelling

Using storytelling will not always be possible in every gaming article you write, but try to tell a story to your readers when it is applicable.

People love storytelling, because it keeps their attention.

Luckily most games have already great stories, that’s why we play them. So use it to your advantage to keep your visitors glued the the screen.

Storytelling will work great for more informational posts, especially if you go deeper in the story of the game. The what, why, where and how certain things in the game may turn out that can provide a twist.

create awesome gaming content - nochgames

Great games for storytelling can be games like Adventure or interesting Indie Games. They usually have awesome stories to explore more in depth.

This way it would also make it much easier to give you own opinion and how you experienced the game you are writing about.

Just make sure every post is unique and interesting in it’s own way, giving value to your readers.

Using storytelling in your content can work great for gaming content like, Game Reviews, events like Esports, supporting your YouTube channel with a blog and Gameplay Walkthroughs.


4. Actionable and Practical Content

One of the best ways to get your audience to feel engaged with your gaming blog is to create actionable or practical gaming content.

What do I mean by that?

Practical content is basically where you give the reader advice on how to do certain things, basically right away.

How many time have you searched for tips and tricks about your favourite games, not a minute later you are so fired up to go into your game and try it all out.

Exactly! It works great.

create awesome gaming content - nochgames

Like storytelling, people absolutely love reading and watching things they can try themselves.

Gaming is perfect for creating awesome actionable content.

Actionable content can work great for gaming content like, Tips & Tricks, discussing Gaming Hardware, Game Development and just interesting stuff people can do in a game that you normally won’t do.

For example, writing about a 100 interesting things you can do in GTA V.

Obviously people will have done some of the cool things you will write about, but the ones they didn’t will make them want to play the game right away.

Again, the goal is to keep it interesting, unique and practical.

They will also most likely share your post there and then on their Social Profiles if they find a few new things to try out next time, which could lead to a regular visitor to your gaming blog.

Awesome right!


5. Use Subheadings to Break Up Your Text

An easy way to break up your text and make your gaming content easier to read, is to use subheadings.

It basically divide your content into smaller sections so your readers can easily understand what your post is about.


Because most people that’s going to land on your article will most likely not read your piece of content the second they see the text.

They would first like to see if it’s interesting or if it’s something they are actually searching for, otherwise they might just leave your page because most people do not like to read long pieces of content for nothing.

Just think what you do when first landing on a post that looks like the words would never end.

You’ll most likely first scroll through the article to find out what it’s about, then decide if you’re really going to read the whole article.

The main point here is that, not only does subheadings help make your posts more easy to read, but they also give out vital information about what your post is about.

You’ve probably just scanned this post a minute ago…


6. Include Multimedia

Just like subheadings, multimedia is a great way to break up text and keep your reader’s attention for longer.

You want your visitors to engage and enjoy your gaming content, so try and use multimedia in such a way that it would compliment your content.

You can use relevant multimedia like images, videos, audio or infographics to keep the attention of your readers.

It’s important to make it relevant to your posts in order to better explain what you are trying to say.

create awesome gaming content - nochgames

Throwing in random images or videos just for the fun of it will not really help your content.

For example, if you write a post about tips and tricks for a certain game. It would be great to use images in the game where the player can actually use it, rather than just an random mage about the game in general.

Videos are probably the best way to communicate your message when it comes to gaming, because of YouTube and Twitch ect. But you do not always have to use video if you don’t want to.

Important!!! If you use someone else’s video from YouTube, make sure to include the name of the creator and maybe a link back to their channel, then it is a win-win for both.

Next I am explaining how to get the best keywords for creating your gaming content.


7. Keywords

Use Medium Length Keywords (2-4 words)

By using medium length keywords you can write a long high quality post that is targeted towards a keyword theme, rather than trying to write an article for each keyword you want to get traffic for.

Within the post you will automatically use long tail keywords that relate to your the topic you’re writing about.

Google doesn’t see every keyword as unique anymore, but put them in a certain theme to get a better understanding of what your content is about.

For example, you write a post about Racing Games, so your focus keyword could be something like “Racing Games”, Best Racing Games” or “PC Simulation Racing Games”.

That’s why one long detailed post is far better than 10 small general posts for each Racing Game keyword.

Every keyword you can think of would be part of a larger group of keywords that fall in the same category which is perfect to use in your gaming content.

So where do you find related keywords?

Related Keywords Are Perfect To Include In Your Blog Posts

Related search terms are another important way to target themed keywords and to let Google know what your posts are about, are to include related keywords in your posts.

Go to Google and search for the keyword you are targeting.

Let’s say “ Racing Games”, scroll to the bottom.

You will see the related search terms, these are excellent keywords to use in your posts, because Google basically shows you what keywords are popular.

You obviously do not have to use all of them in your post, because some will not fit well into your content. Try to use at least more than 5 related keywords in your articles.

Sometimes you only have to add a word to have a completed search term that appear naturally in your gaming content.

You will almost never find those keywords in the Keyword planner.

Below is an example. I searched for “Racing Games

create awesome gaming content - nochgames

You can also click on one of the related terms and scroll down to find even more related search terms. There will almost always be keywords you can use.

Amazon Keywords Opens Up A New World Gaming Content Ideas

When you write about physical products like graphics cards, gaming keyboards and mice, Xbox or Playstation accessories, a great place to get keywords is Amazon.

Amazon can be a very helpful resource if you write product comparisons or gaming hardware reviews.

Do a search on Amazon and look at the keyword suggestions that pops up, these are specific and targeted keywords that are getting a lot of traffic on Amazon, that’s why they show it.

Below is an example where I searched for “Gaming Keyboards”.

create awesome gaming content - nochgames

It’s a nice way to put related search terms into your post and an easy way to get awesome ideas for articles to write about.


8. Optimize Your Titles

Just like all the characteristics you can use to make your gaming content more interesting and easier to read, optimizing your titles are also very important.

The titles you’ll create for your posts will play an important role, because this is the main factor that will let a visitor go to your post and read it.

You probably already have a title when you are creating your post, because that’s what your post is about.

That’s good!

Now you can just do a few tweaks to make your post look super interesting and get more clicks.

Here’s how:

There are a few basic tips to consider when creating great titles and are specifically aimed at improving your CTR (click through rate).

You can choose to use all, only one or any combination of the tips below:

#1 Use a specific number in your title

This can be the amount of tips you have, a statistic or something interesting. Just try and add a number, but it should obviously be relevant to your post.

#2 State the clear benefit your article will give the visitor

What is the main benefit the reader will get from your gaming post? Include that in your title to make the topic clear from the start.

#3 Amplify fast results (give a timeframe)

Finally, you can use a timeframe to amplify fast results. People always like to know how long will it take the benefit to take effect, whether it’s gameplay tips or a guide on how to create better videos for your YouTube Gaming channel.

Here’s an example,

Which title would you most likely click on to read, remember the content for the posts are exactly the same.

Title 1 – “Racing Game Techniques To Help You Win Races”

Title 2 – “20 Easy Racing Game Tips To Help You Win Races In Only a Few Hours”

Here is the breakdown:

“20 (number) Easy Racing Game Techniques To Help You Win (the benefit) In Only a Few Hours (time frame)

This is only one example, but there are an endless number of great titles you can create for your gaming posts.

It’s also good to experiment and see what works.


Content Structures

Now that you have the basic ingredients to create awesome high quality gaming content, where do you go from here?

How you structure your content are also a very important part in order to get the best performance from your articles.

Luckily I already did the hard part for you.

I researched a few basic content structures that would work well especially for creating gaming content. You can basically just fill in the blanks to get started.

A content framework is basically a plug-and-play tool you can use to combine all the ingredients I explained above to create a unique post.

This will all help to get your content shared more easily on social media and to get other bloggers to link to your blog.

Here are 5 easy content structures you can start using to create better content for your gaming blog. I also included examples of posts you can write on gaming topics by using these content frameworks.


1. The Detailed List Post

We all know the basic list post, because it’s basically everywhere and really easy to create.

Best 10 of this or Top 5 of that…


The basic list post could have worked a few years ago and generate quite a bit of traffic to your site.

Unfortunately not anymore, the important question is how do you make your gaming content stand out?

You have to better than the competition, so here’s what you do…

Do a little research on the topic you would like to write about and take a normal list post within that topic.

The next step is to create your post. Make it bigger, better and way more detailed than all the other posts you could find. (Do not directly copy other people’s content)

Try to use at least more than 10 points, the more the better. You can even go a little crazy and create a post with a 100 list points!!!

You can also make the post super practical by listing out “Tips & Tricks” about a game or whatever you think could be interesting.

It’s perfect for the Actionable characteristic I explained above, but be creative and remember to explain every point in more detail.


2. Comparison Post

This is also a very popular type post you can create, especially with gaming topics.

The point is to take a few products you can compare with each other, try to use between 3-5 comparables to make the post big enough, but still not too out of proportion big.

Here is where you discuss the products, games or even Esports teams if you like with each other (remember to compare same things).


create awesome gaming content - nochgames


The best way to plan your post would be to get a few things to compare the products against each other. These could be things like Price, Performance, Feel, Graphics or Statistics.

Write about all the positives and negatives, the do’s and don’t’s for whatever you chose to compare.

It is important to keep the post as informational as possible and not necessarily only trying get a sale if you are part of an affiliate program. It will also make the content look more genuine.

That doesn’t you can shouldn’t use affiliate programs, they are great, but the main goal should be to help your readers.

A great way is to state your opinion at the end of the post, what product and why you would choose it.

That way you can naturally include links to affiliate websites and earn money.


3. The Item Hype

What are hot topics in gaming right now?

Make a quick list of all the things you can think of is kind of trending.

Take one of that topics and discuss it in detail. Do proper research about the topic and try to find out the important things, like way and how it became so popular.

This could be news, a game, a product or anything interesting related to gaming that are on everyone’s lips.

A few ideas probably popped in your head just now?

Like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, it’s really popular at the moment!!!


create awesome gaming content - nochgames


This type of post will however not always have a very long lifespan, because it’s kind of a trend thing so try not to be too late to the party. It doesn’t mean you should not write about it.

It’s a great type of post to get other gamers or community members involved, ask them what do they think about the topic, what’s their opinions, include all the news on the topic and why is it going so viral.

Promoting your blog will be easier if there are a few people involved in the process, where they can help you share your content on social media ect.

Which can only benefit your gaming site in the long run.

So go out there and get those trending topics rolling.


4. The Journey/Gameplay Post

The basic idea around this post structure is to play a game and write about it.

Sure, you can say that’s what YouTube is for right! Yes it’s great for gameplay content, but you can also do it on your gaming blog as well.

You should write what you did and how you did during the game. Go into more detail talking about your emotions during the game, the decisions you made and share interesting things along the way.

It’s perfect for the storytelling ingredient I explained earlier, because people love stories.

Share what you’ve experienced through the journey, what you have learned and how it can benefit your audience when they play the game. Games today are so big that we miss a million small things that would actually be interesting to know about.

Video by – GhostRobo

That doesn’t mean you should never use YouTube videos in your posts to help you.

Maybe you already have a YouTube Channel, a friend with one or you know of a YouTube creator who’s gameplay videos you can use to illustrate your point. (make sure to give them credit in your post)

This can be complementary, rather than a competitive. Video is only one form of content, so if you find a way to combine them you can create an even more powerful brand.

For instance, you have a YouTube Channel to grow your audience, but you use your gaming blog alongside it to get more engagement or sell your own merchandise.

So start your journeys and share them!


5. Interview Post

This can be a very interesting post if you get enough people who will help you.

So you contact a few fellow players, streamers or YouTubers you want to include in your post.

Ask them a quick question about a certain topic and what their thoughts are on the matter. This can basically be anything gaming related, like a game, gaming hardware, gaming news ect.

Be creative!

Make the list of people you want to contact as big as you can, because not everyone you’ll contact will be keen to help you.

The final number of opinions you want to include in such a post should be no less than 20 people.

After you did your research and contacted a them and have a few who actually responded, you can put your blog post together.

You just put their feedback in your post and write a small biography to give your readers more info on those you are talking about.

Always link back to their blog, YouTube Channel,Twitch channel and other social media accounts to gain more authority with them.

This post can be hard sometimes, so try to start contacting smaller channels, because they will be more likely to participate, unless you have some great contacts with a large following.

The great thing about this is that it’s very likely that the people in the list will share your post once it’s live. So promoting your gaming content would be much easier.



Now it’s your turn to start creating awesome gaming content for your blog. Bookmark this page and use it as a resource every time you write a new post and check it off as you go.

Let’s quickly recap – in order to create high quality gaming content, you need to write longer articles, make them more detailed, use storytelling to make it more interesting and also try to make your content more practical to be helpful.

I also discussed how subheadings and multimedia like images or videos can help break up your text in order to make your content easier to read. Further, we looked at how to choose good keywords and how to optimize your Titles to improve click-through rates.

The second half of the post covered 5 basic content structures you can use to better present your gaming content. They will basically make your posts much easier to read and are more likely to get shared on social media.

Your next step are to select a content structure you’d like to use for your post and start planning.

What was your favourite characteristic and which content structure would you like to try first?

Share your thoughts in the comments.


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