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The Best Blackout Loot Spots – Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

The Best Blackout Loot Spots For Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

The new Call of Duty: Black Ops is out!

And it’s going to be an awesome one.


Because it has it’s very own battle royale mode, Blackout, that is a first in the Call of Duty series.

Blackout is basically taking the place of the traditional campaign.

Taking the best that Call of Duty has to offer and throw it all onto one large map.

As with other battle royale games, there will be many loot spots and areas to play in.

So I put together an in depth Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout loot spots to help you make better decisions on where to land and to get geared up for battle.

The map is just the right size and there are a lot of good spots to loot, have epic gun fights and enjoy hours of battle royale action.


The Best Blackout Loot Spots

The Best Blackout Loot Spots For Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


1. Nuketown

Nuketown is a unique loot spot, as it has its own little island that is separated from the main island.

You’ll find Nuketown all the way to the West of the map, linked by two roads leading back to the main island.

The main reason why Nuketown is awesome is the underground bunkers. They have a lot of good loot squads will easily get well looted up there.

So there are basically two areas, the top and the bunkers which will have a different experience every time.

The best way to move would be to take out all enemies in the area and move towards the middle across the bridge as soon as you can.

The chance of the circle ending up in Nuketown is small and getting trapped on the other side is a high risk.

So get looted and get out!

The Best Blackout Loot Spots For Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


2. Turbine

Turbine sits on the East edge of the map and has a few large warehouses.

These have a lot of loot and will help you get looted fast with good gear to use in the rest of the round.

You will often find gold weapons, good level armor and many perks.

The complex is large so if someone also lands there, you can easily stay out of each other’s way.

Well if you choose to that is.

Getting out of Turbine is easy considering that it’s on the edge of the map.

You can either go North towards the Asylum or just try and move to the middle.

The only obstacle would be to cross the river.

The Best Blackout Loot Spots For Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


3. Construction Site

The Construction Site is a great place to have a fight.

It’s basically an unfinished skyscraper with a lot of construction obstacles you can use as cover.

There are a good amount of loot as every level of the building is accessible.

The best way is to start it either the top or bottom and loot the whole location.

Once you’re finished, you can base jump from the top of the building or just make a quick escape if you are being cornered.

Sometimes you’ll even find a helicopter spawn to get moving.

Construction Site is definitely a loot location with a lot of flexibility, thus one of the best in Blackout.

The Best Blackout Loot Spots For Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


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4. Hydro Dam

Hydro Dam is a massive area and is great for squads that want to loot in peace at the start of the round.

It is located in the Northeast corner of the map and not too many people land there unless the initial flight path is close.

You can go into the dam, loot the outer buildings and even base jump from the to if you really wanted to.

The office just to the West also has great loot which you can go for if you have time or want to land there from the start.

You have two main ex-filtration options, choose to stay on land or get a boat and travel along the main river to get closer to the middle of the map.

Hydro Dam is out of the way and will not likely fall in the circles often. It’s overall a great loot location with low risk and more than one option to extract.

The Best Blackout Loot Spots For Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


5. Cargo Docks

Cargo Docks, similar to Hydro Dam, is a large area with many places to find loot and have a fight or two.

It sits on the ocean just Southeast across from the smaller Nuketown island.

You can easily land there and move across the map, as it has no immediate dangerous location nearby.

You should definitely watch out for players landing at the Lighthouse just South of the dock, because there is a mystery box spawn which can attract a few people.

Depending on the circle location, moving from the docks should be easy, but you might find players moving towards the middle from locations such as Factory, Nuketown and Fracking Tower.

The Best Blackout Loot Spots For Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


6. Asylum

The Asylum is on the East side of the map between the Turbine and Hydro Dam.

It’s a relatively small loot location compared to the others, but have a mystery box spawn and zombies which will attract more players.

It’s the only main loot location in Blackout that has the mystery box spawn.

Just South of the Asylum you’ll also find a cemetery that is unmarked on the map, but has a lot of great loot.

So if you are up for fighting people and AI zombies to get some special loot, then Asylum is a great place to go.

If the flight path is not close, it should also be quite in terms of other players.

The Best Blackout Loot Spots For Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


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7. Estates

Estates is where the rich people used to hang out!

Situated right at the top of the map (North) with a few great looking modern architectural houses and some nice cars, which you can’t drive by the way.

This out-of-the-way loot spot is great for having a slower paced first part of the round.

So no need to rush if you are the only person landing there.

You’ll find interesting areas in the location, such as a basketball court, pretty gardens and a helipad to make your escape if the helicopter spawns there.

The Best Blackout Loot Spots For Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


8. Factory

The Factory is the most South loot spot on the Blackout map.

It has a very large main building which is awesome for indoor battles if a few players chooses to land there.

The roof is also accessible which give a whole other feel to the large indoor building. You can also land on the roof from the start if you chose to do so.

That way you can get looted up fast and surprise your enemies that’s in the main building.

The initial location is not very dangerous, but moving towards the center of the map can be dangerous.

You need to go around or through the Fracking Tower complex with other major locations also in the area.

There are also a few buildings West from the Factory that should be safe to loot if you’d like to avoid the immediate dangers at the beginning of the round.

The Best Blackout Loot Spots For Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


9. Firing Range

Firing Range is smack in the center of the map and is undoubtedly going to be the place if you’d like to hot drop.

The middle of the map will almost always be the busiest and the toughest to survive, but if you do it’s a really good feeling.

The Firing Range is also quite close to River Town (Southeast), Array (Southwest) and Train Station to the Northeast.

The area around the main location has many spots where you’ll find great gear and have some fast paced gunfights like farm buildings and fields.

Be ready to have a quick match every time you land there, or die trying to survive it and you may just call that a victory.

The Best Blackout Loot Spots For Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


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10. River Town

The River Town is surrounded by two rivers and sits on it’s own little island.

It is close to Firing Range and can be also considered a dangerous location due to the centrality.

A good spot to land can be at the North of the town so you have an escape route if you are needing one quickly.

Three bridges also surround the town which can make things really interesting.

You can block the bridge and force your enemies in a certain direction or keep an eye out for players crossing them to catch them off-guard.

To the Southeast of River Town is another small unnamed location where the mystery loot box may spawn and zombies can run rampant.

If you want a busy game, River Town is perfect to keep you on your toes at all times.

The Best Blackout Loot Spots For Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


11. Fracking Tower

If you good views and aren’t afraid of heights, Fracking Tower is a large industrial complex on the Southern edge of the main island.

You can get on the tower, but don’t land on the top you may not have any way down. It’s a big loot area and a lot of buildings you can go through to get geared up.

The Fracking Tower is a medium risk location and is in a good spot for you to easily move to the center of the map or any main looting locations in the area.

The only high risk or advantage about being on the tower is that you’ll have a good vantage point, but are exposed from surrounding hills.

When you find yourself in the middle of a fight, it could get messy.

The Best Blackout Loot Spots For Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


12. Array

Array has a few large satellite dishes and the area has different levels that can be used as cover.

The location is not as dangerous as Firing Range or River Town, but is still risky if there lands a few players.

Be aware of people moving from Nuketown or Construction Site trying to get to the center of the map.

You can also loot some luxury house North and a small camping site to the South.

Array is perfect for players that wants to be part of the action, but not a 100% in the thick of things.

The Best Blackout Loot Spots For Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


13. Train Station

Last but not least, Train Station is situated to the Northeast of Firing Range and is a relatively small loot location compared to the others.

There will most likely always land more than one player as it’s very close to the center.

The main risk would be in the later stages of the round when people start to move in from Hydro Dam and Estates.

Similar to Array, the Train Station is a good landing spot if you want to be close but not too close to the action of being in the center.

The Best Blackout Loot Spots For Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


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Unmarked Blackout Loot Spots

Besides the main loot spots in Blackout, there are some interesting unmarked locations around the map.

These are the ones that has the mystery loot boxes where you can find superior gear and have to fight some zombies.

  • Lighthouse
  • Cemetery
  • Diner
  • Boxing Gym

The first is the Lighthouse, just Southwest of the Cargo Docks and is probably the spot with the most spawned zombies.

You can find the Cemetery located close to the Asylum and it has a ton of loot.

The Diner is next to the Array next to a main road and the Boxing Gym in the small town between Turbine and Fracking Tower.

These are all great places to get loot and stay away from the most dangerous places.


Other Features


So how do you know where the zombies are?

There will be a large blue ray that shines up in the air and that is where the zombies are spawning.

You can either choose to go and get the boxes or just stay away and stay alive!



Moving is a big part of any battle royale strategy and you’ll mostly do so on foot, but vehicles are also a great way to get to a certain location very fast.

The main vehicles so far in Blackout:

  • ATV’s – 2 seat
  • Helicopters – 3 seats
  • Cargo Truck – a whole squad and has space for extra loot. Players can also crouch on the back and use it for cover when driving through dangerous areas.
  • Zodiac – 4 seat boat to use on the rivers


The Best Blackout Loot Spots For Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


Loot Items

What loot can you expect in Call of Duty 4 Blackout?

Like most battle royale games, you find weapons, attachments, armor and heal items.

Sometimes you’ll come across gold weapons which is a fully equipped with all the attachments, so pick them up.

One thing that Blackout has is special perks you can use to enhance your abilities for a short period of time.

There are a few different ones and is laying all around the map and spawns like normal items.

Here is a great video explaining all the perks you can expect to find and what their specialty is.

Video by Mysca (If you liked his video, make sure to follow subscribe to his channel)



What is your favourite Blackout loot spots?

Share it in the comments.

Now you know where to go, try out new locations and what to expect from each loot spot in Call of Duty 4 Blackout.

Remember to stay safe and most of all, enjoy the game!

I hope you found this guide helpful and if you did, it will help me a lot if you can share it.


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