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Unveiling the Benefits of Brain Training For Dogs: A Comprehensive Review


Introduction to Brain Training For Dogs

Brain Training For Dogs is a versatile and convenient self-paced online dog training course designed to enable dog owners to efficiently train their beloved pets from the comfort of their homes. This all-encompassing program includes two insightful eBooks, 21 video demonstrations of quick activities, and a vast array of over 100 articles penned by the reputable dog trainer, Adrienne Farricelli, the instructor of this course.

Adrienne Farricelli: The Brain Training For Dogs Maestro

At the helm of Brain Training For Dogs is Adrienne Farricelli, a highly skilled and certified canine behaviorist and trainer. Adrienne’s expertise in canine training is reinforced by her qualifications from both the American Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and the Italian Association for Dog Trainers and Canine Consultants. With a firm belief in force-free training and a strong emphasis on positive reinforcement, Adrienne has dedicated her career to the betterment of the human-canine bond.

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A Deeper Dive into Brain Training For Dogs Modules

Module 1: Preschool – Building Foundations

Brain Training for Dogs Review: This is the fundamental cornerstone of the entire Brain Training For Dogs course, coming after Obedience. In Preschool, your dog taps into their remarkable cognitive abilities, allowing for consistent obedience to your commands.

Inside the Preschool module, you’ll master these critical skills:

  • ‘Target Train’ for Focus: Keeping your dog’s attention on you is key. ‘Target Train’ helps in this, but it can also be used for teaching other tricks, such as opening doors.
  • Establishing Communication: A secret method is introduced to encourage your dog to look directly into your eyes, forming a solid communication foundation.
  • Introduction to Brain Training Games: Starting with the ‘airplane game’, your dog is encouraged to look into your eyes and pay attention to you.

Trainer’s Tip: The ‘airplane game’ is a vital skill. Mastering it indoors means gaining remarkable attention outdoors!

Module 2: Elementary School – Sensory Training

Brain Training for Dogs Review: After mastering foundational training, it’s time to enhance your dog’s abilities. This module focuses on harnessing your dog’s senses to follow your commands.

Exciting Brain Games in this Module:

  • ‘Treasure Hunting’ Game: Relieve boredom and heighten mental awareness by tapping into your dog’s evolutionary roots.
  • ‘The Muffin Game’: A delightful mental stimulation game that keeps your dog engaged and out of trouble.
  • ‘The Ball Pit Game’: Boost your dog’s exercise levels while managing their high energy, providing them with immense enjoyment.

Trainer’s Tip: These games utilize simple supplies and are excellent for mental stimulation, requiring treats to motivate your dog during training.

Module 3: High School – Refining Skills and Focus

Brain Training for Dogs Review: High School, the module that follows Elementary, presents more challenging games to further train your dog.

Highlights of this Module:

  • ‘Jazz Up and Settle Down’: Teaches your dog how to calm down after moments of heightened excitement.
  • ‘Bottle Game’: Enhances paw-to-eye coordination while improving mental focus and awareness.
  • ‘Bobbing for Treats’ Game: Helps dogs gain confidence around water, making it a delightful activity.

Trainer’s Tip: Teaching your dog to calm down on cue is vital for control during outdoor activities or advanced commands.

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Module 5: University (College) – Advancing Skills and Concentration

Brain Training for Dogs Review: Looking for more excitement and brain-challenging games? The University module is the ideal destination to advance your dog’s motor skills and concentration.

University Module Offers:

  • Enhancing Mental Agility: ‘Shell Game’ improves your dog’s mental dexterity, keeping their mind sharp.
  • Improving Calmness and Patience: ‘Open Sesame’ teaches patience and calmness, especially around open doors.
  • Increasing Dexterity: ‘Magic Carpet Game’ enhances patience and dexterity, crucial for obedience.

Trainer’s Tip: Impulse control is vital; mastering ‘open sesame’ ensures your dog’s safety around open doors.

Module 6: Graduation – Mastering Advanced Skills

Brain Training for Dogs Review: Graduation is a fun yet challenging module designed for advanced puppies and dogs, encouraging them to put on their thinking caps.

Noteworthy Elements of this Module:

  • Advanced-Level Skills: Develop advanced motor skills and leverage your dog’s intelligence to achieve complex yet attainable training goals.
  • Impress Friends with Skills: Engage in ‘name recognition’ games and advanced leg-weaving skills, showcasing your dog’s intellectual prowess.
  • Stick to Foundations: Foundation levels are vital for progression. Don’t rush; thorough understanding leads to greater success.

Module 7: Einstein (Genius-Level Training Games) – Unleashing Genius

Brain Training for Dogs Review: Elevate your dog’s intelligence to genius-level with this module.

Genius-Level Training Enables Your Dog To:

  • Play the Piano: While not quite Mozart, your dog can impress by playing the piano.
  • Stack Colorful Rings: Showcase your dog’s dexterity by stacking rings, a skill to amaze your friends.
  • Organize and Tidy Up: Teach your dog to tidy up their toys, a practical and clever concept.

Trainer’s Tip: Consistency is key; gradual progression ensures your dog masters each skill and truly becomes a genius.

Stay tuned for more exciting insights into the Brain Training For Dogs course! Unlock your dog’s potential today.



Remarkable Features of Brain Training For Dogs

Brain Training For Dogs boasts several noteworthy features that distinguish it from conventional dog training programs:

  • Scientific Approach: The program integrates modern dog training science and methodologies to ensure effective training and understanding of canine behavior.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Employing gentle, force-free procedures, the course places a strong emphasis on positive reinforcement, fostering a healthy learning environment for dogs.
  • Comprehensive Material: The course is presented with simple, illustrated instructions, enhancing comprehension and facilitating seamless implementation of training techniques.
  • Troubleshooting Guidance: In addition to the core modules, the course offers troubleshooting sections, addressing common dog behavior issues, and providing effective solutions.
  • Visual Demonstrations: Utilizing videos for game demonstrations enhances understanding and aids in practical implementation of training exercises.
  • Wide Behavioral Coverage: The course comprehensively covers an extensive range of dog behavior issues, offering specialized approaches to tackle underlying causes.
  • Expert Insights: Authored by Adrienne Farricelli, a licensed, experienced professional trainer, the course is enriched with unique knowledge and expertise in dog training.
  • Community Engagement: Access to a member-only forum fosters a community where users can engage in discussions about dogs, dog training, and share experiences and insights.
  • Accessible Anytime, Anywhere: The member’s area is conveniently accessible online, ensuring easy access to course materials on-the-go.

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Ideal Audience for Brain Training For Dogs

Brain Training For Dogs is ideally suited for dog owners seeking an active involvement in their dog’s training and those who relish spending quality time engaging in playful activities with their furry friends. Whether you have a young puppy, an untrained dog, or a dog exhibiting unruly behavior, this course offers valuable training methods to refine their behavior and enhance obedience.

The Cost of Training Brilliance: Pricing Details

The Brain Training For Dogs course is available at an attractive price of $67 on its official website. This investment grants you access to the Brain Training For Dogs book or Brain Training For Dogs PDF, unlocking a world of effective training strategies for your dog. As an exclusive offer, upon purchasing Brain Training for Dogs, you also receive the Behavior Training for Dogs course, complementing the primary course with a comprehensive archive covering a myriad of behavior issues.

Moreover, the company extends a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee, reinforcing their commitment to your satisfaction and the program’s effectiveness.

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Insights from Satisfied Dog Owners: Brain Training For Dogs Reviews

Numerous satisfied dog owners have shared their positive experiences with Brain Training For Dogs:

  • “Since using Brain Training for Dogs, my dogs are more excited to learn. They actively want to take part and figure out what they need to do! It’s not about commanding behavior; it’s about getting them thinking. I really love this approach to dog training, and my dogs do too!”
  • “After going through this program, I feel 100 times more confident and far better about training. I have a far better understanding of behaviors, and my puppy definitely seems to pick up on that confidence. This system is the best confidence booster and the best way to teach your dog.”


In Conclusion: Unleashing the Genius in Your Dog

Brain Training For Dogs stands as an exceptional online program, offering a pathway for dog owners to witness their pets evolve into geniuses. This comprehensive program, spanning from Preschool to Einstein levels, provides an opportunity for every dog to shine. The course is designed to cater to all kinds of dogs, ensuring a fulfilling and successful journey towards obedience and brilliance.

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