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The 23 Best Strategy Games To Play In 2019

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The best strategy games always has a good balance between a survival element and either a great story to go with it or multiplayer to play against your friends.

Whether it is high fantasy, sci-fi or based on historical events, the best strategy games are the ones that gives you hours of gameplay.

There are two basic categories when it comes to strategy games,

  • Turn-based strategy games
  • Real-time strategy games

Turn-based strategy games are usually a lot longer and aim to gives the player a feeling of real power when you accomplish your goals. They also tend to focus more on grand strategy than having a deep story connected to them.

Real-time strategy games on the other hand has rich stories and gameplay is a lot faster with everything happening right now!

You will have to do a lot of smaller missions that leads you through the story while you try to accomplish specific goals and survive, survive, survive! Luckily there are many awesome strategy games out there you can choose from to give you a great gaming experience.

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The Best Strategy Games in 2019

1. Total War: Warhammer 2 and Total War: Thrones of Britannia

The Total War Series is most likely the best and most well known strategy games of all time, with a balance between turn-based and real-time gameplay.

Playing a Total War game can take you, depending on how much you play, days, weeks or even months to finish a grand campaign, but still gives the player the pleasure to have massive real-time battles that can take anything up to an hour.

The key is to find a balance between economic management and war tactics to get the best results in your campaigns and this is what keeps the games really interesting. You will manage massive campaigns and have a lot of strategic battles through any campaign.

The Total War Series has made a wide range of strategy games depicting various times throughout history in Europe, America and Japan.

They also released Total War: Warhammer 1 & 2 that is all about fantasy, perfect for those of you who loves fantasy. The latest title in the series is Total War: Thrones of Britannia that takes you through some of the darkest times in English history on the British continent.

My opinion is that if you love historical games, you must play some of the games in the series like Rome II, Shogun II and Thrones of Britannia. If you like high fantasy games, either one of the Warhammer titles will give you hours and hours of awesome gameplay.

Or you can just play all of them if like!

Total War: Warhammer II


Total War: Thrones of Britannia


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best strategy games 2018 - nochgames


2. Civilization 6

Civilization is another grand strategy turn-based game where your main goal is to lead a chosen civilization through the times like the stone age to the modern day.

Unlike the Total War Series, it only has a turn-based gameplay with some form of military management to enjoy. There are many different civilizations to choose from and the race is on to achieve victory in a few various categories.

In Civilization you need to keep up with research to improve your technology, culture and military endeavours.

The 3 main victory conditions is through Science (establishing a colony on Mars), Culture (become the top tourist destination through arts and music) or Military (dominate every other civilization on the map). It is awesome to work your way through the different times and using the available technology to overcome scenarios that you’ll face in your campaigns.

The great part is that the maps you choose will be different and randomly generated which gives you a different experience every time.

The latest title in the series is Civilization VI that came out in 2016 and the first official expansion released in 2018 which introduced new civilizations and leaders to play with.

If you like grand strategy management games Civilization is the perfect game for you.


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best strategy games 2018 - nochgames


3. Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2

Do you like Real-time Strategy games, enjoying epic battles and fighting to survive the onslaught of countless enemies?

Look no further, Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 are one of the latest strategy games for pc that is out in 2019.

It’s a sequel to the original game (Battlefleet Gothic Armada), but it’s bigger, better and with much more richer content.

Have epic space battles between different galaxies with massive fleets and military spaceships.

You’ll need to carefully plan your strategies and tactics to take out your enemies and grow your space empire.

Every spaceship, big and small, are unique and will ultimately impact how your campaigns or battles will pan out.

You can choose to play either a skirmish mode and choose between all 12 available factions, play the 3 single player campaigns with 5 different factions or get together your friends to play some multiplayer games, even co-op play modes.

Each faction is unique with their own story and characteristics to give you a unique gameplay, every time!

So, the basics is to pick your faction, build your fleets and engage your enemies in some epic space battles. Are you ready to command your own space fleet?


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battlefleet gothic armada 2 best strategy games 2019 - nochgames


4. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

StarCraft is a military science-fiction real-time strategy game that are focussed on the hardcore elements of strategy games as we know it.

The world is about to get over populated and the world decides to send colonization parties to establish a new capitol somewhere in the Milky Way.

But, the computers are malfunctioning and they lose all contact with the Earth. Now it’s time to survive! Your job is to grow and protect the new capitol from invasions by weird species genetically created a 1000 years ago, all while conflict starts to brew between the human factions.

The story is absolutely great, brutal and breathtaking with many missions to do and plots to uncover. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is a direct sequel to StarCraft I, so to fully enjoy and understand the whole story I suggest you play or at least watch a video of StarCraft I as it came out in 1998.

The game is perfect for fan that love’s a old school real-time strategy game with a rich story to immerse yourself for for hours of gameplay. StarCraft is also a very popular Esports title with awesome multiplayer capabilities, so you don’t have to play alone after you finished all the campaigns.


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5. Stellaris

Are you ready to lead a civilization in space?

Stellaris is a real-time grand strategy game that will give you the opportunity to build, manage and grow a civilization in space.

The game starts in 2200, so your’e already in space. You can choose between various pre-made empires or create your own custom species with unique traits.

In Stellaris, there are many factors and processes you’ll need to manage to keep your space colonies save.

These include the management of space ships, science development, construction and military tasks.

Like in every strategy game, you’ll need to fight enemies to survive. Combat can take place in space or on the ground, depending on what planets you are.

The game also include diplomatic and trade mechanics which let’s you team up with other factions or trade resources.

If you love space exploration and want to build colonies on various planets, make sure to check out Stellaris.


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best strategy games 2018 - nochgames


6. Spellforce III

Spellforce III finds the perfect balance between real-time strategy (RTS) and role playing (RPG) with an epic fantasy world to explore.

You can create your own hero just like in RPG’s, choose skills & attributes from a complex system that makes every character unique.

Fantasy is a big part of Spellforce and you’ll be able to make use of magic and spell casting during combat. It has many different options and combinations to choose from.

You don’t have to fight alone, by raising large armies and leading them into battle will give a true RTS feeling.

Besides the fighting, the game has an economy system as well where you need to build settlements and keep your people alive.

The story will give you more than 30 hours of gameplay with a full dialog, so it’s more than enough time to fully enjoy every aspect of the game.

When you like the real-time strategy and role playing game blend with the ability of large scale domination, Spellforce III hits the sweet spot.

Create a unique character, build settlements, raise armies, forge alliances and cast some epic spells!


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best strategy games 2018 - nochgames


7. Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy video game that let you experience the Second World War from another viewpoint.

It is a fast paced video game with a lot missions you can play and enjoy with your friends in multiplayer mode. The main goal in every mission or round is to capture strategic points that generate resources you’ll need to build a base, recruit soldiers, vehicles and crush your opponents.

It has a great balance between managing your infantry and using your transportation units like jeeps, tanks and other personnel vehicles to have a real-time war experience.

Sometimes you really need to fight a lot of smaller battles for resource points to ultimately defeating your enemy, but that is what makes the Company of Heroes titles so fun to play.

Company of Heroes I was released in 2006 and the second in 2013, but both is still awesome and fun to play.

If you are crazy about the World War II setting and like a challenge, you will find that Company of Heroes I & II can be a lot of fun.


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8. Steel Division: Normandy 44


Buy Steel Division: Normandy 44

best strategy games 2018 - nochgames


9. BattleTech


Buy BattleTech

best strategy games 2018 - nochgames


10. Europa Universalis IV


Buy Europa Universalis IV


11. Endless Space 2


Buy Endless Space 2

best strategy games 2018 - nochgames


12. Hearts of Iron IV


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best strategy games 2018 - nochgames


13. Northgard


Buy Northgard

best strategy games 2018 - nochgames


14. XCOM 2


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15. Age of Empires Definitive Edition

As one of the pioneers when it comes to strategy games, Age of Empires have revolutionized this gaming genre and set the standard back in 1998 when the first title was released.

Soon after that in 1999 Age of Empires II was released which was the star performer in the series. So why would you play a game that was released in 1999? Well, they released another addition in 2018, Age of Empires Definitive Edition which brings back all the original gameplay, but with better graphics to make it relevant once again.

You can choose between 16 civilizations, start in a particular age with the earliest the stone age and achieve victory. The victory conditions for a normal round is straightforward, defeat all the players on the map by gathering resources, building a base, recruiting soldiers and research technology.

The game takes you through several age periods where each have unique features and challenges.

If you played the older versions, you will know how much fun Age of Empires is to play, so now you can finally enjoy this awesome strategy video game in beautiful graphics with the Definitive Edition.


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16. Sudden Strike 4


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best city builder games - nochgames


17. Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak


Buy Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

best city builder games - nochgames


18. Empires Apart


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best city builder games - nochgames


19. Cosacks 3


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20. Stronghold Crusader II

If you go crazy for medieval castles and is a fan of real-time strategy games, then Stronghold is a must.

It is a simple game, but is very fun to play the campaigns and multiplayer with your friends. Stronghold Crusader II is the latest title, where you play in the deserts of the middle east with you choosing between a Crusader or Arabic campaign.

The campaigns in Stronghold Crusader II primarily focus on a range of skirmish missions you have to complete to win the game, unlike it’s earlier titles which had rich and interesting storylines.

You can also choose to play the economic campaigns to experience a more relaxed gameplay.

So, if you like to build medieval style castles and play an interesting old school real-time strategy game, you should make sure to check out the previous Stronghold games in the series.


21. Crusader Kings II

Political intrigue, invasions on all fronts and a grand strategy experience, this is Crusader Kings II.

The country is in chaos with enemy invasions on almost all fronts, betrayal in your own midst, you need to figure out how to lead your dynasty to success.

The player can do this by many different ways like strategic war tactics, marriages and even assassinations. Crusader Kings II is set in the Medieval times taking place from 1066 to 1453 (or 867 and 769 with DLC’s) with many historical figures that you’ll discover throughout the game.

The win conditions are simple, don’t die and if you do, make sure to have an heir take over to rule.

The only in-game goal is to get as many prestige points as you can. There are also a few DLC’s to enhance your gaming experience even further where with new historical figures, starting points and challenges to overcome.

Crusader Kings II is perfect for someone who likes a balance between grand strategy, government, religion and political management.


22. Supreme Commander 2

Supreme Commander 2 is a fast paced, interesting and addictive game that are extremely fun if you like a good strategy game.

The developers, from the start, wanted to put more emphasis on the characters and by telling a really awesome story.

There are three factions you can choose from, each with unique stories interwoven together to make the campaigns so much more interesting. You basically play from the commander’s point of view for each faction where the characters are all caught up in an enormous intergalactic battle.

The game starts where the newly elected president of the Coalition has been assassinated which leads to chaos, uncertainty, lost of trust and ultimately a great war between the factions. Can you solve the problems and keep the peace or will there be another infinite war on the horizon.

If you’re curious about how the story plays out, you should definitely play Supreme Commander 2.


23. Ashes of the singularity



What is your favorite strategy game?

Did I miss one?

Share it in the comments!

Now that you have a long list of great strategy games to choose from, you can be sure to have hours of strategy fun! I listed the best strategy games, real-time and turn-based, you can play in 2019.

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