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Anthem Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Anthem Guide – Everything You Need to Know - nochgames

While the recently released BioWare’s Anthem game was greeted with savage reviews, it looks like the title isn’t going anywhere, and from now on – it can only get better.

Anthem is an online multiplayer RPG shooter which was released less than a week ago, and despite its rough start, we think that it’s a piece worth investing your time in.

We’ve come to this conclusion based upon four factors:

  1. It’s a game made by BioWare
  2. Remember the Sea of Thieves or No Man’s Sky?
  3. Anthem had already had a fix patch right on its release day
  4. BioWare has already released a 90-days roadmap, detailing the upcoming content (which looks very promising)

If you’re a fan of the loot shooter genre, even at its current state, Anthem doesn’t look or feel like a bad game, it just needs fixing.

And BioWare is doing all in their mighty power to deliver these fixes.

Based on these assumptions, the team at has decided to present the most crucial information regarding Anthem’s game.

And then it’s entirely up to you to decide how to use this knowledge further on.

So let’s get into the tips and tricks for Anthem.

Anthem’s Short Story

The game is set on an Earth-like planet long forgotten by its creators.

The World of Anthem is an untamed land powered by the generator-type of a tool known as Anthem of Creation.

Even though the gods have long abandoned the planet, the generator was left intact.

For centuries buzzing, running, and mutating the world into a more and more challenging of a place to survive.

Particularly for the peaceful inhabitants of Fort Tarsis.

Along with numerous mutated creatures, such enemies as The Dominion Legion has arrived to even worsen the situation.

These guys aim to use the Anthem of Creation for their own deviant needs, and somebody needs to stop them.

That’s where you come into play.

Assume the role of a Freelancer.

Freelancers are soldiers able to equip and wield very powerful armoured exo-suits, known in the Anthem world as Javelins.

With the power of Javelin, Freelancers must face the World’s dangers head-on.


Anthem Tips to Get Started

With all the flashy names, titles, abilities, crafting materials, tons of enemies, and a whole world to explore one can easily lose track of the very first steps required for a successful start at the Anthem game.

No worries though, as even with all the flashy exterior, Anthem is far from the worst when it comes to seamless user integration.

We’ve prepared a few tips to ease you into this otherworldly experience.

1. Stay Calm and Experiment

Do not stress yourself with the very first Javelin pick.

While in most games you pick a character and then it stays with you for the long run, with Anthem it goes a bit differently.

Even though you pick your first Javelin, it doesn’t have to be yours forever.

By levelling, you’ll gradually unlock all four exo-suits, and transition from one to another comes with really no penalty.

2. Play Through the Story Mode

So, there are three ways you can play through Anthem’s story.

Either go solo, go with strangers, or go with friends.

Each of these has their drawbacks and benefits, but there’s a solution to every one of these!

  • If you go solo, you’ll get less XP and some of the bosses are quite hard. However, quite hard doesn’t mean unbeatable, soloing the story is definitely the way to go.
  • If you play with friends, there’s quite a big chance you won’t be able to hear half of the in-game dialogues, due to people chattering. You can always start shushing one another, and if that doesn’t help – subtitles will.
  • If you play with strangers, there’s a fair chance that they might rush off ahead of you and you might be forced to skip some storyline bits. It’s not a problem if you’re the first in line to face the awaiting dangers!

Anthem Guide – Everything You Need to Know - nochgames

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3. Late Game Crafting and Other Conveniences

As with most games that include role-playing elements as well as crafting, it’s very much worth to wait for a bit, salvage, and stock up, and only in the late game put your crafting knowledge up for good use.

Anthem is no exception to the universal law, and you should keep this in mind.

Another worthy tip associated with crafting is about salvaging your items.

It’s a common practice in Anthem so salvage your items on the mission recap screen, however, if you awe with gaze upon the experience you’ve just had and forgotten about such common practice entirely, fear not!

Once you’re stocked up, just head to the vault in Fort Tarsis, mark your items as junk, and salvage them in bulk!

4. Fly Like a Bird, Not Like a Lump of Metal

Yes, you can fly!

Yes, flying is one of the key movement elements in this game!

However, you are not flapping in the air thanks to your majestic wings, you’re in a mechanical Javelin, and you are flying thanks to the powerful engines your suit is equipped with.

And these bad boys tend to overheat plenty.

Anthem Guide – Everything You Need to Know - nochgames

To avoid such mockery, here are a few tips for flying in Anthem:

  • Waterfalls – you see one, you dive straight under, or at least right above the edge. Not only this will insta-cool your engines, but it will also provide you with a short duration of a free flight.
  • Lakes, rivers, or any other type of water pool – get low, and fly just at the top of the water body, whilst it will not eliminate your heat increases entirely, it’ll still help a ton.
  • Rain – as long as it rains, consider yourself having wings, enjoy!
  • Diving down – whenever an opportunity arises, dive straight down, whether it’s a cliff, a mountain, or any other high vertical terrain – exploit it to eliminate your heat meter.
  • Late game luxuries – nearing the late game you’ll find plenty of stuff to increase your heat capacity, however, your engines will never turn into wings.

Javelin Classes, Primers, Detonators and Combos

Anthem game offers four Javelin types to choose from.

Each is different enough to assure that every type of player would find a pick defining his/her needs to perfection.

It’s certainly a difficult choice to decide upon which Javelin to try mastering, however, the mastering process is an even more of a challenging task.

Anthem players can choose between the all-around versatile Ranger, the thickest of the bunch Colossus, the speed focused and sleek Interceptor, or an elemental-based glass-cannon Storm.

Each of the Javelins has their own use and their own style of play.

Anthem Guide – Everything You Need to Know - nochgames

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The differences between Anthem’s Javelin Classes are uncanny, but here’s a brief summary on them:

  • Ranger – it’s either do-everything or do-nothing type of a javelin. This Javelin can wield every type of weapon except the really heavy ones, he’s also equipped with grenades and a wrist-mounted launcher. If you are not sure about your role yet, or on the opposite, you want to contribute to your team in any possible way, this is the Javelin for you.
  • Colossus – it’s considered a tank, and truly Colossus Javelin is as tanky as it gets. The fact that this Javelin doesn’t even have a dodge ability tells it all. However, instead of the dodge ability, this suit is equipped with a robust shield which can be used both offensively and defensively. Heavy weapons, old-school bazooka, and long-range artillery weapons are this Javelin’s bread and butter.
  • Storm – It’s a mage-type of Javelin. This one can stay in the air for almost immeasurable amount of time, thus using some extravagant areas for cover is as easy as it gets. Long-range AOE attacks are what Storm Javelin excels at. Do not ever initiate with Storm Javelin, just don’t.
  • Interceptor – It’s agile, it’s fast, it’s mostly melee based, and with its ultimate on, it’s invulnerable for a period of time. Guerrilla warfare is how Interceptor Javelin does business. However, keep in mind that Interceptor is quite fragile without his ultimate, and if you don’t use its agility and speed to full potential, things are not looking bright.

Primers, detonators, and the way they form a combo are fairly simple, however, BioWare decided not to include them in the tutorial, so for the players that are not familiar with some previous BioWare’s titles, these may look a bit tricky.

Anthem Guide – Everything You Need to Know - nochgames

This infographic was created by FireDragon04


So, let’s start with Primers:

  • Primers – these are the abilities and status effects that begin a combo. Primers are the very first ability to be used upon the enemy in order to initiate a devastating combo. Primer abilities are marked by a circle next to the certain ability’s icon. Once you are comfortable enough with the game, you’ll notice when the enemies are ‘primed’ by a visual icon atop the enemy’s head: frozen, burning, electrified, or acidified.
  • Detonators – these are the abilities and status effects to finish up the combo and gather the rewards! Certain melee attacks may work as finishers as well, and other attacks are neither primers nor detonators, so don’t expect any additionally extra-flashy visuals by using those.
  • Combos – these are useful in more than one way. Not only do successful execution of a combo dishes out a ton of additional damage, but each javelin causes a specific additional effect by successfully detonating a combo. Overall, combos are tons of fun and while on weaker difficulties they are not as important, heading towards the more challenging affairs you’ll grow to appreciate their use.

Anthem Guide – Everything You Need to Know - nochgames

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Anthem is no doubt a fun game and will only improve over time, whether you play solo or with some random folks.

This Anthem guide highlighted the most important points in the game and we gave you some tips to get started.

What is your favourite Javelin Class and what are you most enjoying about Anthem?

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