My Story

Hi, I’m Amie Botes, founder of Nochgames.

I am a full time SEO Specialist and Digital Marketer at a small agency, but have an enormous passion for gaming and anything related to the gaming industry.

From playing games, reading about the gaming industry and watching countless hours of gameplay videos.

The thing is, I wanted to start a Gaming Blog and was so excited at first, but then reality struck and I was totally lost.

This was when I started searching the internet for resources and articles on how to create my own gaming blog, but could not find any practical step by step guides to help me (well at least not for free).

I mean there were only a few articles that explained how to get a website, and that’s only the easy part, because building an online brand is far more complicated.

So after a lot of search, reading and struggling to find information, It struck me!!!

Why don’t I put my knowledge to work as a marketer and create a comprehensive blog specifically aimed at helping you create your own gaming blog.

That’s when Nochgames were born.


What is Nochgames all about?

I created Nochgames to help you get your own gaming blog up and running.

I am going to take you through the whole process step-by-step, from registering your blog to choosing the best content creation strategies.

I will also write about how you can create better content to keep your visitor’s attention and how you can build an online audience.

The blog will also help you understand how to get new visitors, how to identify your target audience and ultimately how you can start earning money doing something you really enjoy.

Our audience is everyone that are passionate about gaming, whether you are a

  • YouTuber who want to create a website for their brand
  • Twitch streamer that needs a place to create content while offline
  • A beginner at blogging to show your skills at marketing, or
  • You want to start a gaming blog from scratch and make it big

My Goal is to help you!


How can Nochgames help you create your own Gaming Blog?

The main goal is to provide you with a practical step-by-step guide to help you create an online brand that can create value to you in the long run.

So how can Nochgames help you do that?

Here are a basic overview of what you can expect to learn from this blog:

So what are you waiting for?